Family Allergy Clinic Offers a No-Shots, No-Hassle Solution for Winter Allergies

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While fall and spring are typically best known for being peak allergy seasons, winter, too, can elicit allergy reactions due to the amount of time people spend indoors ex

Mesa, Arizona (PRUnderground) December 23rd, 2014

While allergies tend to spike in spring and fall, winter is not immune from allergens that can make people miserable.  As people hole up inside, they experience increased exposure to a host of indoor allergy-makers including pet dander, molds that accumulate in damp places such as bathrooms or basements, and dust mites (which lurk in bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpet).

The Family Allergy Clinic now offers a solution for winter allergy sufferers:  sublingual allergy drops that can be taken in the comfort of home.  The drops provide the benefits of allergy shots without the hassle of having to go to the doctor’s office for regular injections.  They are dosed daily under the tongue (sublingually) where they absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth.  Drops are safer and more child-friendly than allergy shots.

Winter allergies often manifest in the form of hay fever (itchy eyes, runny or congested nose), post-nasal drip and chronic cough.  Some people may feel like they have an endless series of colds.  All of these symptoms are the body’s reaction to allergens in the environment.  The allergy drops work to desensitize the body to these allergens so that it will stop overreacting to them in ways that lead to uncomfortable symptoms.

Stuart Agren, M.D, director of the Family Allergy Clinic near Phoenix, Arizona, said that many people treat their winter allergies with over-the-counter or prescription medications, but these miss the source of the problem.

“People can take all of the antihistamines and decongestants they want, but unless the underlying allergy is being addressed, the symptoms will continue,” said Dr. Agren.

Dr. Agren said that if people’s winter allergies are significantly altering their quality of life or if their symptoms last for more than four months of the year, they may be a candidate for allergy drops at the Family Allergy Clinic.

About Family Allergy Clinic

Doctors at this Arizona allergist clinic offer sublingual immunotherapy (under-the-tongue allergy drops) for pollen and pet allergies as well as for food allergies (including milk wheat, gluten, nut, and fruit). The treatment is effective for kids with allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema, sinus infections, and more.

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