Kapta, a Leader in Agile Business Software, Offers a Collection of Business Resources

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Kapta offers agile business software that allows executives to effectively track work progress through a cloud-based system.

Boulder, CO (PRUnderground) June 26th, 2014

In the business world, finding out that work hasn’t been finished as expected is already finding out too late. Kapta, a leader in agile business strategy, offers a cloud-based dashboard program that allows CEOs and executives to track employee’s work progress on assigned projects as they happen.

By using Kapta’s agile business software, companies can say goodbye to unpleasant surprises. Kapta’s business resources allow companies to clearly communicate their messages and goals for every project, as well as track each employee’s contribution to make sure that each one is performing their expected share of work.

Unlike other executive dashboard programs, Kapta allows executives to create accountability and track results in less than 5 minutes per week. Kapta knows that executives and employees are already busy, and that a progress tracking system that creates more work defeats its own purpose. That’s why Kapta’s agile business software is easy to use, and requires only one interface.

Kapta’s agile business software allows companies to realize their vision, and turn their plans into reality. When executives can make sure their employees are focused on important initiatives as they happen, they can track their business’ growth and progress in real time. Kapta’s agile business strategy is to allow executives to more easily align all the parts of their business in a way that fits their vision for the future.

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About Kapta

As a CEO, how do you ensure employees are focused on the company’s key initiatives? Kapta provides executives with a cloud-based system to clearly communicate company goals, track every employee’s expected contribution and review overall status through a real-time dashboard. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and founded in 2012, Kapta gives executives a clear line of sight into each team member’s performance and the system’s easy-to-use alignment tools keep employees on track in less than five minutes each week. Kapta’s intuitive input process virtually eliminates “work about work” and instead provides employee alignment and executive feedback to successfully scale your business.

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