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G.A Wright tells retailers how to conduct a sale to raise Quick Cash and get rid of old inventory.

USA (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2012

G.A. Wright Sales Inc, the leader in High Impact Sales Promotion and Store Closing Sale Events for retailers has developed key strategies for preparing to conduct in-store Sales Events that will increase cash flow, sell out old inventory and increase customer traffic.

Significant events in the life of a store call for special promotions; opening a new store, moving to a new location, remodeling, introducing a new line of merchandise, or closing a store. All of these things require the retailer to create a strategic plan for marketing, merchandising and building or restructuring a business.

Gary Wright of G.A Wright Sales Inc. has developed a marketing program designed to help retailers market their businesses effectively. Mr. Wright’s program is geared to raise Quick Cash by conducting a High Impact Sales Promotion in-store for a period of only a few weeks. Retailers are devoting an ever increasing percentage of their budgets to sales promotion as opposed to traditional advertising.

Most retailers say they have tried events and promotions such as side-walk sales, or special inventory reduction sales and even VIP events. But, if they don’t have the right marketing tools in place they will not succeed no matter what type of sale they have. A qualified G.A Wright Retail Consultant can focus on the event for the duration, implement a customized marketing program, and run a sale so the owner and staff can concentrate on other business needs.

Although G.A. Wright can produce advertising that lines up customers at the front door, it is necessary to get those customers through the merchandise, make the sale and then collect payment at the cash register. It is the integration of high impact advertising, marketing support services, merchandising, store operations and sales that make the G.A. Wright Program so successful at producing results for our clients.

“We went into this with the attitude that we might get a quick college education of new marketing and sales techniques, but we came out with a PH.D.” ~ G.A Wright Client- George and Cathy Kay

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