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Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 24th, 2015

by Shang J. The fact that a guy took you out to a burger joint in the first place is enough to tell you that he is not very high-maintenance and is definitely not looking for a calorie-counting queen. If you are a girl that loves to ravish your food then consider yourself lucky since you can both ravish together now. But if you are more that i-don’t-want-to-get-my-hands-dirty type then you better pass and wait for your sushi prince.

Food is one of the biggest tell-tale about what kind of a person you are. You can tell a lot about the guy from the type of burger he orders. And since eating together is a major part of a brewing friendship, you better be comfortable when you order yourself an upsized burger.

If your date orders the classic beef burger you have got yourself ´the real man´ as they say. Hardcore, macho, sexy! The more condiments he adds, guacamole, jalapenos, onion rings, the more complex his personality is. He enjoys flavors. He pays attention to details. He relishes what life has to offer.

Or your date could be the one skipping on all kind of extras and toppings. Did I hear it right? No cheese, did you say? Apart from being insanely boring (yes, that is what would cross my mind), your guy could just be quite health-conscious. Or he might be stingy, saving on his budget.

And if he goes for something spicy and hot, mm-hmm, he is definitely the Christian Grey type. Fifty shades dark and deep! The hotter the burger, the deeper your man.

Very well done or medium? It could just be the choice between how well cooked the meat is. Look closely, if rare in any form, consider him wild and raw, the kind that do not plan their lives but who meet life with open arms, who is not afraid of anything. You give him a dare and boy, does he ever turn it down! In short unpredictable and fierce.

Then there is the mouth-watering, delightful bacon burger oozing with pure goodness. After beef this would be my kind of guy, almost-perfect, who chooses the best in life.

There is also the chicken burger, not as popular as the beef or the bacon, yet KFC and likewise chains have made that deep fried, superiorly crispy breast of a chicken insanely scrumptious. But if you are at a burger joint that specializes in beef burger and you still order their chicken menu, I’d find you very cautious and not exactly tasteful.

Aaanndd, if you see a vegetable burger popping in front of your guy, then it doesn’t take a genius to guess he is a vegetarian. 100% vegetarian. A popular study by Daily Mail once concluded that men who go for the veggie option are wimps. It said ‘Real men don’t eat quiche – they eat meat.’ But if you look on the brighter side, I’d say the veggie eaters are more virtuous, soft-hearted and caring. And what’s wrong with a man with a heart? Better than not having one!

My ultimate choice would be spicy chicken with extra cheese and jalapenos. Now go figure me out!


BEERS, which is an acronym for \\”Because Everything Else Really Sucks\\”, is a brand that exists well within the blue collar, twenty-something\\’s lifestyle.

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