Xenna Announces New Lower Price and Faster Results For Its At-Home Hair Relaxer, Curlaway® Gel

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Xenna Corporation, maker of Curlaway Curl Relaxer, announced today a $5.00 price reduction and the release of a video that describes a new, faster method for getting smoother, relaxed hair in just about 90 minutes.

Princeton, NJ (PRUnderground) January 18th, 2012

Xenna Corporation (www.xenna.com), maker of Curlaway Curl Relaxer, announced today a $5.00 price reduction and the release of a video that describes a new, faster method for getting smoother, relaxed hair in just about 90 minutes. The “New Roller Method for Fastest Results” video can be seen at http://www.curlaway.com/

Curlaway is used to relax hair without breakage and contains none of the chemicals found in traditional relaxers.

Xenna CEO Carol J. Buck, herself a user of Curlaway Gel, says “As with any at-home hair treatment product, the method of application is part of achieving great results. After receiving tons of feedback from loyal Curlaway users about their creative approaches to using the product, we decided to make a new video that describes what we believe is the fastest way to get the best results.”

Buck says that in the current economy, many people who used to go to a salon have turned to at-home treatments. “In keeping with the concerns of our customers, we are also announcing a new, lower price of $14.95 and FREE SHIPPING.”

Curlaway uses natural plant ingredients, rather than high-pH chemicals. With the new method of using rollers and heat-drying, results are seen in just about an hour and a half.

“We formulated Curlaway Gel about ten years ago primarily with natural ingredients to straighten hair gradually without drying or breakage. This is the easy ‘set and go’ solution that everyone has asked for!” Curlaway Gel has been sold in select drugstores and online by companies other than Xenna for over four years.

It was invented by Ms. Buck to meet her need for smooth, yet full-bodied hair. “While chemical relaxers have their place and do an excellent job of removing curl quickly, many women want a softer, loser style that retains body. Curlaway fills this need.”

“My hair is so easy to maintain now. I like a gentle wave but sometimes wear it straight if I use a flat iron.”

Naturally formulated with a patented combination of fermented grains, plant oils, vitamins and minerals, Curlaway gives users complete control over the texture of their hair.

“With the new method one jar now extends the use of one 6-ounce jar to many, many applications, depending on the length of your hair,” concludes Buck.

Curlaway also has the advantage of being reversible and semi-permanent. If the product is discontinued, one’s natural curl and texture will return after a month or two.

In addition to creating healthier-looking hair, Curlaway can be applied over previously relaxed hair to refresh a perm, and applied before or after dying hair. Curlaway controls frizz, makes hair easier to comb, and can even be used to detangle or relax children’s hair.

“While the economy remains soft, many women are looking for effective at-home relaxers that will not dry or break their delicate hair. At the new, lower price we expect more and more new users to discover the chemical-free benefits of Curlaway.”

Free shipping is also now available when ordering online at www.curlaway.com.

Xenna has a commitment to the environment, as well as to the personal well-being of its customers. Manufactured in the USA, all Xenna products, including those for hair care, are biodegradable, contain no animal byproducts and are not tested on animals.

For more information about Xenna products, go to www.xenna.com, or call 800-368-6003.

About Xenna:

Based in Princeton, NJ, Xenna’s mission is to provide innovative solutions in personal care. Reflecting the success of that mission, the company was a recipient of the TOP 50 Research Facilities Award in 2006.

Xenna is a privately-held, woman-owned company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. To contact them call 800-368-6003 (business hours, Mon-Friday Eastern Time).



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