Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Millennial-Minded Approach to the Job Search

Industry: Healthcare industry experts share advice for young professionals who would like to move into a senior position.

Santa Monica, CA (PRUnderground) April 21st, 2015

The founders of, an innovative employment marketplace for medical sales professionals, today released expert advice on landing the perfect gig – for millennials, by millennials. Generation Y has been labeled everything from lazy and entitled, to commitment averse and selfish; likewise, many still think of millennials as young adults with very limited professional experience.

The reality is, millennials are redefining success while continuing to disrupt the old school “business as usual” mentality. For millennials hoping to be considered for more advanced roles in their careers, it can be hard to overcome the stereotypes thrust upon them. Jason Ayachi and Morgan O’Malley, co-founders of RampUp, witness this regularly.

“There’s still a fair amount of high level management that just doesn’t realize how resourceful millennial professionals are,” said Ayachi. “Many of us graduated college into an economic recession with little promise for establishing a career in the field we’d studied and had to learn early on how to do a lot with limited means.”

With so many highly educated, hard-working millennials now well into their careers, there is tremendous demand among employers for these vibrant young candidates who have clearly developed a strong set of professional skills and experience.

“While some believe millennials don’t work as hard as their Baby Boomer and Generation Z counterparts, the reality is that millennials just have a different approach to how they structure their time in the workplace,” said O’Malley. “Millennials want to work smarter not harder and their work/life balance is often as important as a competitive salary: it’s about the total picture and how a career complements their life.”

Reflecting on personal experiences and what they’ve learned from developing a company in the staffing industry, Ayachi and O’Malley share advice for experienced young professionals who would like to move into a more senior position:

Be “on the market,” but strategically – O’Malley had a close friend who lost his job after posting his resume on a common job search site where his own employer found it. While the practice is not necessarily a legal cause for termination, there are countless stories about it happening to others as well. Most professionals are interested in passively entertaining new job offers to progress their careers. However, it’s important to be strategic and avoid jeopardizing one’s current career path.

RampUp provides job seekers an innovative platform for discreetly “raising their hands” to be identified for new career opportunities and specifically guarantees their current employer, or any employer they specify, will not be able to see their profile. Ayachi also recommends saving the online job search activities for personal time, on personal devices as most employers monitor work computers.

Don’t take the “one size fits all” approach with a resume – Searching for a new job can feel like a full time career when applying to a lot of opportunities, but quality over quantity should be the name of the game. Candidates should look at the specific criteria for each job they are applying to and custom-tailor each resume with the relevant experience that matches. This does not mean fabricating background experience, but rather showcasing relevant skills to each job function that might not make it on another resume for a position that needs a different skillset.

Less is always more – Just as it’s important to customize a resume, it’s also important for candidates to be mindful of brevity. Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes and applications each day. Resumes and cover letters should represent an enticing introduction of the candidate – not the entire story.

As a former recruiter, Ayachi knows how challenging it can be for even the most talented candidate to stand out. With this in mind, Ayachi and O’Malley created RampUp to be a straight forward, customizable and discreet digital resume process designed to strategically highlight and market the most applicable areas of a resume for hiring managers… increasing the speed to hire.

Watch a 60 second RampUp demo video here. For more information about RampUp, or for Medical sales industry professionals who want to try it out, visit


Head Quartered in Santa Monica, CA, RampUp is a unique web-based employment marketplace designed exclusively for the Medical Sales industry. The website’s novel platform serves as a catalyst for directly connecting employers with the most experienced and relevant talent for their employment opportunities. As an exclusive club of experienced medical sales professionals, RampUp utilizes a strict screening process to ensure a highly curated talent pool of candidates who are open to new career opportunities.

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