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Wireless PCT announces crowdfunded stock offering

Industry: Electronics

Wireless PCT announces investment and partnership opportunities are now being considered for a new wireless streamer.

Binghamton, NY (PRUnderground) October 24th, 2012

Wireless PCT announces investment and partnership opportunities are now being considered. Crowdfunded stock options will be offered online for a new wireless streamer. Wireless PCT’s technology and research give us a competitive edge that will capture significant market share and return on investment.

We are in the midst of unprecedented change as technological innovations are radically changing how we communicate. Traditional television programming is now being streamed over the Internet and this is only the beginning.

The Mini-Wireless Streamer is a portable wireless device that streams traditional television programming to a TV set via HDMI or composite ports. Take it anywhere in the world and utilize it with any TV to view your programs. The Mini-Streamer connects to both the Internet and cellular technology as well as gives a boost in countries that are not wired to the net.


    • Well priced, services are desired by millions and the category is undergoing constant innovation.
    • Low service distribution costs over Internet (its carrier neutral meaning access is possible with any Internet service provider).
    • Global, remote and mobile service accessibility (compact portable device, take it anywhere).
    • Reduced clutter as the Mini-Streamer can wirelessly sync with any device in your home (no need to drill into walls for cable).
    • Super fast data processing and advanced transmission capability.
    • Low sign-on requirement as one device delivers all your web needs (save money on your TV and phone services).


    • Live-TV programming streamed over your computer via the internet or Wi-Fi.
    • Stream movies and video from your computer to your television.
    • National and International VoIP phone calling.
    • Apps to stream video, music and more.


Contact Wireless PCT or purchase a stake in the company,


Wireless PCT  founded in 2012, will be providing quality digital television, digital phone and video conference services.

Located in Binghamton New York, Wireless PCT is to employ over 300 people in the Binghamton area and over 3200 for the East Coast US.

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