Winter Rug Buying Season Starts Early As Home Owners Stay Put

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The traditional winter rug-buying season has started early, say the team at Funky Rugs

UK (PRUnderground) November 23rd, 2010

The traditional winter rug-buying season has started early, say the team at Funky Rugs, the UK’s leading online rug store. Rug sales typically pick up from mid-November onwards when the evenings draw in, and home-owners’ thoughts turn to Christmas and entertaining. In 2010, however, the rug-buying season began in the second half of October.

“This year people are looking inwards,” says Steven Handley, Funky Rug’s Design Director. “The economic recovery is fragile and house sales remain flat. So home-owners are looking for simple ways to brighten their homes through the dark days of winter. Since a rug is a relatively inexpensive way to revitalise a room in readiness for the party season, they’re buying them earlier than ever before.”

It’s the breadth of choice at Funky Rugs ( that seems to be inspiring the stay-at-home buyers. Among the huge selection of designs, there’s a rug to fit just about any decorative scheme – and almost certainly a rug for every room in the house.

Choosing the right rug to lift the economic mood is easy. The Funky Rugs range is split into a series of collections including modern and contemporary rugs, designer rugs, natural fibre rugs, shaggy rugs, cowhide rugs, plain rugs, leather rugs, sheepskin rugs, and children’s rugs.

As an alternative, visitors can choose by colour or by keyword to refine their choice to something that matches a particular theme. So, if a room has a blue colour scheme or an animal theme, visitors can see every rug in the collection that would fit that decorative style. The result is an instant lift to the look of a room – a burst of colour or style that puts home-owners and visitors in the mood for wintry coziness or seasonal partying.

To find out more, or to see the full extent of the Funky Rugs range, visit or call 0845 838 7816 to speak with a member of the team.


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