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Wine Specialist, WineTurtle Create Innovative, Best-Selling Aerator

Industry: Wine

All-in-one aerator, decanter, breather, dispenser, and diffuser from WineTurtle and Tim Edison launches.

Chicago, Illinois (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2015

Red wine lovers are rejoicing about the recent release of innovative wine aerator, Vinomaster.  It is an aerator, decanter, breather, dispenser, and diffuser all in one.  Within days of its introduction on, rave reviews came pouring in, shooting the Vinomaster to the top of the best-sellers chart.

Developed by wine specialist, Tim Edison, the Vinomaster boasts a double air-intake and functions as a single-glass aerator, different from traditional decanters that require users to pour entire bottles then wait at least a half-hour for wine to become oxygenated.   Edison is also the founder of, a website flush with lessons, facts and links to blogs and other information about wine.   His interest and expertise grew through his travels to many of the world’s famed wine regions.

Armed with an understanding of the science behind aeration and the oxidation and evaporation process, Edison succeeded in his quest to create one of the most high-quality, single-glass aerators on the market.  The main differentiator, and the source of significant positive reviews, is that the Vinomaster attaches directly to the bottle which ensures an effortless flow into the glass and instant aeration.  Additionally, the drop stop leak guard promises a spill-free pour every time. purchaser and satisfied customer Pauric Collins said, “I tried the wine both with the attachment and without to compare the difference and I was blown away. The change in taste was remarkable and you can clearly hear the wine being aerated as it flows through the spout.”

Vinomaster is temporarily on as part of the product launch, and comes packaged with a wine stopper.  The aerator is made from acrylic, is dishwasher safe and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. sensation, Vinomaster, is an aerator, decanter, breather, dispenser, and diffuser all in one.  Its single-glass use paired with its spill-proof seal has made this product a best-seller online.

For more information on Vinomaster, or for purchase, please visit Amazon.

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