Will: Green web hosting is the way forward!

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Tech startup HostWithWill.com offers a new vibe into the world of web hosting, with its 100% green technology and game changing customer service

United States & United Kingdom (PRUnderground) September 16th, 2014

Will, a new tech startup offering green web hosting is keen to change the game and be the new “go to” face for anyone seeking to start their business online, or just have a website for fun.

Powered by 100% wind energy, the team at www.hostwithwill.com have taken inspiration from the leading technology giants such as Google and Apple to offer a simple, clear cut, new wave look at how a web hosting company should feel, look and perform for its customers.

Offering a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and prices starting from only $2.95 a month. Not only do the customers at Will get a superb service and price, but they have added benefit of knowing that your site isn’t doing any damage to the environment with the wind technology used.

In the year 2014, and realising the need for a global change on how we use energy. HostWithWill has decided to start with a positive step and become one of the first companies to base morals, ethics and business on caring for the environment whilst turning a profit.

If you are already have a website, or looking to start. Why not make a change and get online with a web hosting company that is utilizing green energy.



About Will

Will is a new startup green tech web hosting company. We’ve decided to offer great priced hosting for your website combined with the added benefit of being powered by 100% wind energy.

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