Why Taking Time to Find the Right Cheap Courier Service is Important

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With so much choice, it can be confusing picking the cheap courier service that’ll best suit your needs.

Cheshire UK (PRUnderground) March 30th, 2011

Finding cheap couriers needs research. The temptation, however, is to just telephone one courier for a quote, because ‘phoning around for cheap courier quotes takes time and who has lots of that to spare these days?

In an ideal world, it would possible to enter your consignment details just once and let the courier companies come to you with their cheapest quote for delivering. Well, with the advent of web-based courier quote comparison sites, this service is now available.

Ideal for individuals and small businesses, websites such as deliveryquotecompare.com take you step by step through the process, perfect for customers who have never used a courier before. Enter what you want delivering and where and the details are forwarded on to people who can transport your goods.

Couriers then post their costs for the job. The ingenious part of the service is that each company can see what everyone is bidding, so in a reverse auction style, the price should go down. The key to be able to offer cheap courier rates is the fact that companies with spare capacity in vans already going in the direction you want your goods delivered to, can offer incredibly competitive rates.

So not only do you get a range of quotes to compare, you are also going to get deals that are far cheaper than going direct to the large courier firms who give standard quotes for taking your consignment.

Once you have your quotes, take time to compare. The cheapest couriers may not offer tracking facilities or the delivery time may be longer, you need to decide what is critical to you then you’ll find there are some excellent cheap couriers out there. It’s completely your choice which (or any) of the quotes you accept, so you can opt for the best mix of service level and price to suit you.

Daniel Parry, director for deliveryquotecompare commented : “Our website is aimed at individuals and small businesses who are looking for cheap couriers to deliver their goods. Whether it’s a purchase from eBay or a birthday present to go abroad, we match you with couriers who can deliver your goods for less. The site is free and really easy to use, saving you time and money.”
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Daniel Parry is CEO of online transportation website Delivery Quote Compare, offering free quotes from cheap couriers and other transportation services.

About www.deliveryquotecompare.com:

Deliveryquotecompare.com was set up to provide transport companies with an opening to make quotes and win delivery work from customers who need goods delivering to national, European and international destinations.

All types of delivery companies are registered with the site, from cheap courier firms to international airfreight services. All types of goods are quoted for and handled, from eBay seller deliveries and whole house removal jobs to boat deliveries and furniture shipments throughout the UK, in Europe and beyond.

Customers with goods that need to be delivered simply register and post the job details on the Delivery Quote Compare website and the details are then sent on to relevant transport companies who can provide the service required. The companies then look at the details and work out a bespoke price for that delivery job.

The customer then receives email alerts to let them know quotes are coming in. If the ‘auction format’ is chosen, the transport companies can see all quotes being posted and how competitive they need to be to win the job.

For customers using Delivery Quote Compare, the service is completely free.


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