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Why seeking work accident compensation from Claims for You is risk-free

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If you are living with the effects of an accident for which you were not responsible, don’t suffer in silence

UK (PRUnderground) July 17th, 2012

More and more people have been making personal injury claims through ‘No Win, No Fee’ companies in recent years, with the expert lawyers at Claims for You managing to secure significant amounts of financial assistance for clients to help cover costs such as medical fees and loss of earnings incurred by having to take time off work.

However, it is still unfortunately often the case that individuals who have sustained what is sometimes serious physical damage in an incident which was not their fault are put off seeking the money they need and deserve for fear of being penalised by their employers; this, though, does not need to be a cause for concern.

Legally, your boss is not allowed to terminate your contract over you as an employee making a claim against them. Doing so could well result in an unfair dismissal tribunal, which they may stand to lose and would likely wish to avoid at all costs. It is also worth keeping in mind that you do not need to feel any guilt about approaching employers with your case – they will be obliged to have insurance specifically to protect against this kind of situation arising, so it will be the insurers who foot the bill, not those who pay your wages.

If you are living with the effects of an accident for which you were not responsible, don’t suffer in silence. Simply contact the experienced personal injury solicitors at Claims for You and find out more about how you can make the swift journey towards a substantial compensation package.

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