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Why Pregnant Women Need To Wear Medical Identification Jewelry From StickyJ

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Wearing a medical ID to notify EMT's and other health professionals that you are pregnant just might save your unborn child's life.

St. Petersburg, Florida (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2014

As if pregnant women didn’t have enough on their minds, here’s one more to add to the list.

Medical ID’s are not just for those with medical issues or allergies! Pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy need to wear medical ID’s also. During early pregnancy, it’s impossible for anyone (including medical responders) to be able to tell that a woman is pregnant. Many women also choose not to tell anyone except their partner or spouse that they are pregnant during the first few months. So what happens if a woman becomes unconscious or passes out during this critical time, and noone with her knows that she is pregnant? What if she is alone? Medical responders need to know any relevant medical information immediately in order to treat their patient appropriately (see video below). There are many things that a medical responder could do that could potentially harm an unborn child. Since your child is unable to speak out, wearing an alert bracelet allows you to do that for them. It is not only important to wear these during the first trimester because noone else can detect the pregnancy, but also because this is the most fragile time during the growth process of an unborn child. Even medications or treatments that are typically harmless could be incredibly devastating. We recommend wearing a pregnancy identification tag until at least 24 weeks Into the pregnancy.

Many women are uncomfortable with this idea because they are keeping their pregnancy a secret. We suggest wearing a plain pendant or bracelet with the word “pregnant” engraved on the back, as medical responders are trained to check all sides of all jewelry items that are worn. You can keep your baby safe while still being discreet at the same time!

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Sticky Jewelry (affectionately known by some as StickyJ) was founded in 2000. Our first product was an engravable photo pin that could hold a Polaroid i-Zone photo. The Polaroid i-Zone camera had just made its debut, and our intention was to create jewelry and accessories that could hold the small-format photos it produced.

The original Polaroid i-Zone film had a peel-off sticky back, so you could stick the photo anywhere you wanted. We had considered several names for the company, but ‘Sticky’ was the most popular, so we named the company Sticky Jewelry.

The i-Zone camera was not as successful as Polaroid had hoped, and it did not keep Polaroid from going into bankruptcy either. So, StickyJ shifted its focus to selling personalized jewelry, and the rest is history.

Since that time, Sticky Jewelry has expanded its inventory to include engraved lockets, dog tag pendants, id bracelets, key chains, fashionable medical alert jewelry, and much more. The vast majority of the items we sell are able to be personalized with custom engraving using either our traditional diamond tipped stylus engraving machines or our laser engraving machines.

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