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Whiter Image Dental Releases Groundbreaking Gel for International Whitening Market

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Whiter Image Dental has introduced a new teeth whitening gel to the international market that negates the need for refrigeration and helps overseas clients cut costs on s

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) November 22nd, 2013

The Whiter Image Dental research and development team has come up with a teeth whitening solution that helps the international dental community to cut costs yet comes up big in performance tests. The new product, an in-office whitening gel, is innovative in that is does not require refrigeration and produces practically no sensitivity. Virtually every other whitening product on the market requires a cold packing preservation element in order to maintain stability. With Whiter Image Dental’s new in-office whitening gel dental clients are free from the expensive shipping costs of ice-packing in addition to the risk of product instability that can be caused as a result of ice melt from flight or customs delays.

After two years of research and development Whiter Image Dental has released a whitening gel with the aforementioned client concerns in mind. The gel is comprised of four different types of stabilizers and a calculated hydrogen peroxide formulation that is designed for in situ activation. “The new gel is made up of a 30 percent hydrogen peroxide formula and does not require an expensive LED Whitening light or syringe-to-syringe mixing,” commented Whiter Image Dental’s Director of Marketing Chris Morrison. “The stabilizers that eliminate the need for refrigeration also help to significantly reduce tooth sensitivity, a staple of Whiter Image Dental products.”

The new in-office whitening gel has received acclaim in terms of teeth whitening, garnering equal if not better results than their competitors in tests. The product has been successful in many aspects including reducing shipping costs, whitening results, and the virtual elimination of sensitivity around the gums or teeth. The international dental community would also be thrilled to learn that Whiter Image Dental products tend to be priced 30 to 50 percent less than comparable products, providing additional cost savings on top of the elimination of the bulk shipping prices of ice-packs.

Whiter Image Dental is a Technology Association of Georgia Top 40 innovative company and is known for teeth whitening products in the in-office, take-home, retail, and promotional markets. In addition to providing industry leading technology, Whiter Image Dental also provides dentists with the promotion of their products via their Personal Marketing Consulting Program. To learn more about Whiter Image Dental and the new in-office whitening gel contact them at 877-944-8330 or visit them online at http://whiterimagedental.com/.

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Whiter Image Dental has developed a comprehensive teeth whitening line designed with attention to sensitivity and results as the foundation of all our whitening products. No other teeth whitening company can deliver the products and pricing paired with complimentary dental marketing support to ensure your practice’s success. If you are a dental office looking to partner with a teeth whitening company to increase your patient roster and your bottom line, Whiter Image Dental is your answer. Contact us today to hear about our various dental marketing opportunities.

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