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Whiter Image Dental Partners with Dentist Select on ORACARE Oral Cleanser

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Whiter Image Dental will begin to promote the industry-leading ORACARE oral cleanser to existing and prospective dental clients.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) November 7th, 2013

Whiter Image Dental has formed a relationship with Dentist Select, the producers of the ORACARE oral rinsing product that directly complements their teeth whitening products. ORACARE is used in dental offices pre and post treatment because of its elite cleansing and disinfecting properties. A number of University studies have demonstrated the link between the reduction of germs and bacteria in the mouth to better overall health; ORACARE addresses this. In addition to its 28 hygiene-related uses indicated on the Dentist Select website, ORACARE helps to maintain white teeth, making the relationship between the two dental firms fairly symbiotic.

Whiter Image Dental is eager to offer Dentist Select’s flagship product to its current and prospective clients given that ORACARE’s unifying whitening properties also reinforce the white smiles that Whiter Image products are known for. The active ingredient in the ORACARE product is Activated Chlorine Dioxide, the same ingredient used by hundreds of municipalities in the United States to purify drinking water. The compounds in this ingredient provide a safe and potent oxidizing agent used to eliminate bacteria, viruses and unhealthy biofilm. In addition to in-office use, dentists will also be able to prescribe the product to their patients for at-home use.

An independent University study revealed that ORACARE was able to reduce the amount of bacterial toxins in the mouth more so than any other leading mouth wash including BreathRx, Crest Pro Health, CloSys, Oxyfresh and Listerine. Its ability to eliminate gingivitis-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and biofilm and remove 99 percent of the volatile Sulphur compounds (VSCs) that cause bad breath have helped to raise the standard of care in dentistry.

“The relationship with Whiter Image Dental and Dentist Select is ideal given the benefit it offers to the end patient,” says Dentist Select CEO, Gerard St-Cyr. “In addition to all the bacteria and bad breath eliminating capabilities, ORACARE was also designed to maintain whitened teeth and be etch-free, making it a great product for dentists before and after teeth whitening procedures.” The OraCare product is also the first of its kind to be marketed under the Whiter Image Dental name, whose products thus far have been whitening-centric with the exception of their Viva Patient Referral System. Furthermore, the collective goals of Whiter Image Dental and Dentist Select – both of which sell directly to dentists – are better situated to assist patients in achieving optimal oral health care with the alliance of the two companies.

Whiter Image Dental’s products and services are designed to help dental practices increase their suite of patient offerings as well as boost their marketing efforts and patient acquisition. To learn more about the ORACARE and Whiter Image Dental partnership visit http://whiterimagedental.com/ or contact Whiter Image Dental at 1-877-944-8330.

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