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Where would we be without the Heir Hunters?

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Once again BBCs Heir Hunters has hit the daytime TV screens with another range of people surprised by inheritance windfalls from companies similar to Finders International

UK (PRUnderground) June 27th, 2012

Once again BBC1’s  Heir Hunters has hit the daytime TV screens with another range of people surprised by inheritance windfalls from companies similar to Finders International Probate Genealogists of London, who have consistently set the standards for others to try and attain over the years and still are the only firm with their Professional Conduct Code on their website for all to see.

Heir hunting for Finders means serious professional and thorough research, appealing to the legal professional as much as the general public. Their experience is immense and they have numerous resources at their disposal along with a vast international network.

Professional Heir Hunters are approached by the public to help with their stories of long lost inheritance, but Finders warn that the likelihood of any of these coming to fruition after the heir hunters work has been done is very slim.

Finders have appeared on BBC TV and radio and in numerous press and legal publication articles over the years. Since the start of Heir Hunters, such enquiries from the media have grown, as the heir hunting bug has swept the nation.

As with all heir hunting mysteries, Finders approaches their work methodically. Methods and resources and international back-up are vital along with the multitude of in-house records, including original records which often show up the weaknesses in the amateur’s reliance on online records.

Probate Genealogy or Probate Research, or Heir Hunting as it is variously known is not something the professional lawyer will trust to an amateur historian as there are too many legal pitfalls at stake.

The  number of mistakes in scanned  information is alarmingly high and these can put the heir hunter onto the wrong track in their research. This is dire situation as, when heir hunting case is researched by the heir hunter or probate genealogy firm, a spelling mistake can result in a beneficiary to an estate not being found.

Aviva insurance (who offer missing beneficiary indemnity insurance to heir hunters who have been unable to trace sections of a family tree or individual heirs, have reported a large increase in insurance claims. These are due to inexperienced firms who have subsequently been unable to obtain insurance due to the number of claims their work generates!

Finders, as professional probate researchers and heir hunters,  obtain missing beneficiary  insurance and missing will insurance policies from Aviva and are properly authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for this.

Daniel Curran, MD of Finders probate genealogists has not had a single insurance claim on his work in 22 years of heir hunter activity. Finders understands that Aviva only allow Finders to approve policies without reference to them due to Finders research being low risk and extremely thorough.

BBC Heir Hunters and the domestic heir hunters existence will not negate the need for solicitors to ensure that all professional heir hunting, probate genealogy and probate research services are carried out by tried and trusted professional firms such as Finders.

Remember, any beneficiary not traced in the heir hunter process represents a claim risk.

Daniel Curran is Managing Director of Finders International Probate Genealogists, one of the world’s leading firms, based in London, England /

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