What’s Important – Innovative study of values removes moral judgement from the discussion

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Kenton Hyatt, Ph.D. and Cheryl De Ciantis, Ph.D. launch ground-breaking book that takes on values in a comprehensive, constructive, non-judgmental way.

Tucson, AZ; United States (PRUnderground) September 25th, 2014

The book, “What’s Important – Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives” provides an enlightening journey into the interplay of human values without viewing them through the lens of morality.

Historically, the conversation about values has been bogged down in cultural bias that has resulted in many people being made to feel that their values are less-than the values of others. Hyatt and De Ciantis have developed a theory and practice that aims to get past bias in order to reach toward comprehension, clarity, insight and renewed energy.

The book has launched at their new and highly informative website – www.valuesperspectivesbook.com.  Their work is supported by an online Values Survey they developed and have used for several years with individuals, in academic settings, and in business, in a wide variety of cultural contexts.  Initially, the buzz on the book has been overwhelming.  From Dr. Gus Koehler, President and CEO of Time Structures, “These are creative and interesting scientists working in the values and organizational mythology domain and producing not only interesting theoretical insights but also useful tools.” Robert N. Thomas, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice, Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology weighed in on the book with, “Cheryl and Kenton have presented us with a valuable gift by clarifying the process of identifying those values that influence our decisions and behavior.  They have developed a model that brings safety to the reflection process and invites engagement by those who may feel excluded from this vital conversation.”

This book is about how to understand and work with values to get the most out of them. “What’s Important” is also a practical handbook for the coach, counselor, teacher, internal or external consultant and change agent who knows that values are our deepest drivers, and that values can unlock immense potential for self-awareness, communication, influence and positive group energy when we know how.

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With their new book, What’s Important – Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives, Kenton Hyatt, Ph.D., and Cheryl De Ciantis, Ph.D. seek to introduce a positive and productive way of looking at and working with values.

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