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Westminster, CO Personal Training Studio Partners With Elite Basketball Program

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Summit Fit Dojo teams up with Colorado Shine Basketball to offer them an Athlete Development Program designed to make their players compete at an elite level.

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2014

Summit Fit Dojo is a leading personal training fitness studio in Westminster, CO while Colorado Shine Basketball is one of the nations elite basketball development programs, based out of Colorado.

When Owner & Head Fitness Instructor, Javier Lozano Jr approached Head Basketball Coach and Director of Colorado Shine Basketball, Rob Pierson they hit off immediately.

“Coach Rob’s son just joined our Children’s Karate Program at The Dojo of Karate, and we started chatting about what he does for a living.  Long story short, he mentioned he was the Head Coach of Colorado Shine Basketball“, say’s Coach Javier.  “I then throw out how we’re looking at implementing our Youth Athlete Development Program to help young athletes get stronger, faster, fitter, and smarter — to compete at the highest level possible for their given sport, and that I would like to discuss our FitRanX program.”

FitRanX is a revolutionary fitness ranking system that has standardized fitness testing for individuals & athletes.  This gives a client an opportunity to see where their fitness level really is based on certain exercises.  In the FitRanX program, there are 8 unique levels, and each level will test the client in a variety of strength & conditioning components.  To successfully pass a component of the test, the athlete would need to perform a given exercise correctly, as well as do a certain amount of repetitions, weight, and time — or a combination of the three.  When an athlete successfully passes all exercise components, the athlete gets to “level up” to the next FitRanX level.

“When I first spoke with Coach Javier”, says Coach Rob, “I thought this was another one of those gimmicky fitness evaluation programs that other sports development training centers use.  I realized that the actual design of the program was extremely innovative, yet challenging.  The best part about it though, it was EASY to understand!  If an athlete is a FitRanX Level 3, it says something.  It’s a tangible rank.  All athletes have to do the same test to achieve a Level 3 rank, which is great because it standardizes every fitness level.  And, since my elite players are very competitive, this is something that will push them too.”

In addition to having Summit Fit Dojo work with improving an athletes physical fitness level, they will implement a nutritional coaching program designed to help athletes compete at the highest level possible.

Summit Fit Dojo has put together a Nutritional guide that helps their clients get the best results in their training, whether that’s losing weight, or having sustainable energy for practice or games.

Coach Javier says, “I understand how important it is for our clients to follow proper nutrition, which is why every client that joins Summit Fit Dojo gets an exclusive copy of our nutritional guides, which includes a shopping list, recipes, and explanations of why changing your diet will benefit your performance.”

Summit Fit Dojo is the only personal training fitness studio in Colorado that offers the FitRanX program.  So, if you are interested in learning more about FitRanX, or would like to develop more speed, increase your strength, improve your core muscles, or get that edge over your competition, Summit Fit Dojo is the place for you.

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Summit Fit Dojo is the leading Personal Training Fitness Studio in Westminster, CO. They specialize in offering small group personal training, fitness kickboxing, 1-on-1 fitness training, and nutritional coaching.

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