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We Build Apps, LLC, Partners with iSIGN Media and Barons Bus Line

Industry: Marketing

Barons Bus Line passengers will receive engaging push notifications

CLEVELAND, OHIO (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2015

Rodney Colley, President of We Build Apps, LLC, has announced a brand new partnership with iSIGN Media, and Barons Bus Line.

We Build Apps, LLC, is a Cleveland-based digital marketing firm that specializes in app and mobile marketing development. The company has released a newly forged partnership with iSIGN Media in which We Build Apps, LLC, will act as a reseller of iSIGN Media services. We Build Apps, LLC, is leveraging this new deal to create a partnership with another Cleveland-based company.

baronsIMG.pngBy partnering with Barons Bus Inc., We Build Apps, LLC, will help deliver cutting-edge technology to one of the area’s oldest and most reputed bus lines.

Barons’ has been in business for over 85 years and serves 70 communities in Ohio and 6 nearby states, specializing in college campuses and underserved cities, serving thousands of tech-savvy passengers monthly. Initial installation of iSIGN’s mobile Smart Antennas will be in one of Barons’ 70 serviced communities.

Data gathered during the first 30-day broadcasting period will be analyzed in order to best determine the advertisers to target for this unique marketing opportunity.

“Our bus company serves 70 communities in Ohio and six nearby states, specializing in college campuses and underserved cities. Among our destinations are Oxford, Ohio, the home of Miami University, as well as the campuses of the Ohio State University, Ohio State and the University of Cincinnati as well as the University of West Virginia. In a typical month, Barons serves 15,000 to 20,000 passengers, including those using the company’s charter service,” said John Goebel, Vice President of Barons Bus Line.
iSIGN completed development and field testing of its Mobile Smart Antenna in January 2015.

The installation with Barons will be the first installation into a transit system. The Mobile Smart Antenna, powered by the vehicle’s battery, will enable messages to be easily delivered to both passengers as well as foot traffic at the buses’ designated pick-up points; gathering valuable data from interaction with our technology, while respecting each recipient’s privacy.

iSIGNimg.pngiSIGN Media’s president, Alex Romanov, said, “I am extremely pleased that our partnership with We Build Apps, LLC, will be bringing targeted mobile marketing to the people and businesses in the Cleveland area. We are anticipating fast results that exceed expectations!”

Rodney Colley, president of We Build Apps, LLC, commented, “I’m excited to be a part of this groundbreaking project, and I believe that once we’re fully rolled out, the results are going to be truly great.”

iSIGN Media is a publicly traded company that is based in Toronto, Canada, and it has become known as a pioneer in gathering point-of-sale data, as well as mobile shopping
preferences, in order to generate powerful data that reveals consumer insights. Data generated by Barons Bus Line`s passengers, as well as those within 300 feet of the
bus, will be used to create robust marketing opportunities by delivering targeted ad space and more.

Investor contacts:
Rodney Colley
We Build Apps, LLC

John Goebel, Vice President
Barons Bus Inc.

Alex Romanov
iSIGN Media

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