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Want to Create a WOW? Be a WOW Leader!

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Sandy Geroux’s new book highlights 5 WOWplace Rules to help leaders create exceptional experiences for associates, inspiring them to find hidden WOWs in every interaction

ORLANDO, Florida (PRUnderground) June 26th, 2014

WOWplace International, LLC. There are places that make you feel good just being there. In every interaction, their commitment to excellence and caring is consistently demonstrated through their actions and words. In other words, it is a WOWplace and everyone wants to be a part of it because each associate goes the extra mile to find hidden WOWs in every interaction with customers and each other.

All organizations want to create big WOWs for others, but are leaders creating and fully training people in the type of culture they desire? Do they recognize the nuances that inspire everyday, consistent actions that lead up to WOW experiences for everyone? If not, their organization may be good… but it won’t be a WOW.

WOW leaders create an atmosphere of trust and respect in the workplace by asking themselves: What kind of organization do we want to create? What kind of people do we want to hire? What kind of people do we want to be? How should we behave personally and professionally, and how should we treat others? The answers to these questions guide hiring, training, product development, sales… everything! Without them we cannot cultivate what is important because no one knows what it is, what it looks like or how to create it.

Most importantly, WOW leaders create exceptional experiences for their associates, inspiring them to go the extra mile to find hidden WOWs in every interaction with customers and each other.

International speaker Sandy Geroux has spent 14 years studying what makes people say WOW and has taken the “best of the best” insights and put them into her popular presentations, and now into her newest book, Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace (WOWplace International, LLC, 2014, 978-0-9788269-9-4,

The book offers uplifting ideas, illustrative stories, and easy-to-use models that foster innovative and proactive thinking and highlight the nuances and benefits of creating a culture that prizes compassion and respect, promotes innovation, and rewards WOW moments. “This is crucial because we can create all the WOW products we want,” Ms. Geroux said, “but if all our WOW products are not delivered in WOW ways, by WOW people, with WOW attitudes, they may as well not exist!”

WOW leadership is a requirement for creating and maintaining a WOWplace. Ms. Geroux offers five WOWplace Rules to help leaders personally demonstrate and develop a culture that inspires WOW attitudes and actions from its people:

WOWplace Rule #1:
A WOWplace is Safe.
Do our associates feel safe in taking the reasonable and appropriate risks necessary to think of – and execute – WOW experiences for our customers? Are our people trying to succeed… or simply trying not to fail? There’s a big difference!

WOWplace Rule #2:
A WOWplace is Respectful.
Do we, as leaders, show respect for everyone around us? Do we command respect through our actions, attitudes and words – or do we simply demand respect due to our title or position in the organization?

WOWplace Rule #3:
A WOWplace is Human . . . not Humanoid.
Do our leaders remember that they must connect with people’s hearts as well as their minds if they want people to follow them? Do our associates remember that they have human duties (respect, compassion, integrity) that accompany everything required of them in their job duties?

WOWplace Rule #4:
A WOWplace is Innovative, Creative and Fun!
Is our organization a place where innovation is encouraged and proactive thinking is the norm? Or are we simply operating in “reactive” mode, where problems are handled as they arise, rather than prevented from the outset as much as possible? Do we focus on what we can do, rather than what we can’t do? Do we allow humor to abound in the workplace, or do we shut down all attempts to have fun in our jobs? Do we remember to take our jobs seriously, but ourselves lightly?

WOWplace Rule #5:
A WOWplace is Rewarding.
Do we recognize and reward people for going above and beyond. In fact, do we recognize and reward them formally and informally for doing a good job every day? Do we ever initiate a conversation to let them know we appreciate them… or do we just “coach” them when they’ve done something wrong?

Visit Sandy’s book website at to read an excerpt, see what people have to say, schedule an interview or order the book; subscribe to her free blog ( containing WOW tips, advice and case studies; or check Sandy’s availability for a keynote  or training program at her speaker website to find out how you can turn your workplace into a WOWplace.


About WOWplace International, LLC

Sandy Geroux, M.S., is an award-winning salesperson and recognized authority on creating WOW experi¬ences for customers and associates alike. Since 2000, she has spoken to diverse audiences, helping leaders at every level inspire associates and co-workers to eliminate excuses, share their ideas and knowledge and go the extra mile to find the hidden WOW’s that create higher levels of customer service and employee engagement.

She is a frequent contributor to business and trade publications; she’s also a singer and often includes music in her programs for added impact on her audiences. Described as enthusiastic, energetic and extremely motivating, Sandy’s programs as well as her newest book, Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace, overflow with ideas and tips to help leaders implement and remember everyday actions that inspire associates to go the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone around them.

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