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Walker Law Firm in West Palm Beach Offers Free Bankruptcy Consultation

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Walker Law Firm is a bankruptcy law firm with an office in West Palm Beach, FL that specializes in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, & bankruptcy cases in Palm Beach County.

West Palm Beach, FL (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2015

Bankruptcy affects more Americans today than it ever has before. Granted that the recession is over and the economy is showing signs of sustainability, but for the average individual, it is much harder to manage finances than ever before, especially with the escalation in prices of basic necessities, piling debts, and mortgages. Even students that are graduating from college find it incredibly difficult to repay their student loans, let alone make their ends meet on a daily basis due to the shortage of jobs and low base salaries for entry-level workers.

Given the current state of affairs, especially in West Palm Beach, FL, where an increasing number people are filling for bankruptcy, the Walker Law Firm and their team of bankruptcy attorneys provide a free initial telephone consultation, professional representation and case management for those in need of a bankruptcy attorney in South Florida.

Edwin Walker, the senior Bankruptcy Attorney at the Walker Law Firm was available for an interview regarding the current state of the economy and the role bankruptcy plays in it. He said, “Given the current circumstances, it’s plausible to think that a person can’t sustain themselves financially given the pressure they face from all directions. This is why we offer payment installment plans for our Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients.”

Indeed, filing for bankruptcy in itself is a process, as the fee for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $500 on the first meeting and the final payment of $600 can be broken down into two or three payments, if need be. If paying these fees all at once causes financial hardship, courts do allow the fees to be paid in installments.

Bankruptcy-Procedure-West-Palm-Beach.jpgUpon how the Walker Law Firm seeks to make bankruptcy proceedings more manageable for its clients, Edwin Walker said, “While there are numerous ways to get relief for debts, many people fail to realize their options. This is where we come in to help our clients conveniently file for bankruptcy while making sure they are able to have the option to pay for the filing charges on installments.”

While the current times are tough and these issues are increasing by the day, this is something that can be resolved. Hardworking individuals don’t have to continue paying the price for the actions corporate giants have taken on Wall Street. Unraveling financial issues of clients and solving them to get back on track is what the Walker Law Firm specializes in. However, it takes time, patience and a bankruptcy attorney that knows how to sail these waters; in order to file a successful bankruptcy.

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Walker Law Firm, P.A. assists clients with consumer bankruptcies, business and real estate transactions. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, this firm is a seasoned bankruptcy and restructuring organization that brings credentials, experience and service to clients in a personal setting.

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