Vik Khanna’s Public Health & Guns Essay Featured by NRA Magazine

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Controversial and provocative essay, Why Public Health Needs A New Gun Doctrine, featured as Parting Shot in NRA magazine's December issue.

St. Louis, MO (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2014

St. Louis healthcare consultant and writer Vik Khanna announced that his controversial and provocative essay, Why Public Health Needs A New Gun Doctrine, is featured in the December 2014 issue of America’s First Freedom, a monthly publication of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The essay originally appeared on Sept. 11, 2014 at The Health Care Blog, where Khanna is the Editor-At-Large for Wellness. It is the most commented upon essay ever at THCB.  

Khanna, a gun owner and target shooting enthusiast, said, “I am very grateful that the NRA saw fit to reprint my essay in their magazine. It’s a recognition of the fact that I raised vitally important issues that most people don’t want to talk about, such as why are we using the healthcare industry as a tool for something that it cannot do: end the problem of gun violence, which is almost completely a problem of two things: criminality and mental illness. They require completely different solutions, neither of which includes impinging on the right of law-abiding people to own a gun.”

Khanna’s essay provoked an outpouring of support from gun owners and gun enthusiasts, many of whom were pleasantly surprised to read that a public health professional educated at an elite university, Johns Hopkins, saw their side of the issue. “No population in America is more reflexively tuned to the concept of personal responsibility than gun owners. In fact, contrary to popular, mainstream media mythology, gun crimes are in a steady downward trajectory since 1990, while gun ownership is heading upward. Translation: the overwhelming majority of gun owners take their responsibility seriously. This is the kind of mentality we need to bring to bear on other seemingly intractable problems, such as how to regain control of our personal health lives.”

Continued Khanna, “There is no question in my mind that if every American took to heart the idea of personal responsibility the way gun owners accept that burden, we would go a long way toward fixing our healthcare industry. In fact, the only way to fix the healthcare industry is for each of us to take responsibility for fixing ourselves. Only then will we be able to keep the government and its greedy corporate enforcers at bay.”

Khanna is the author of the newly released Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare. The e-book is available now in the Kindle Marketplace and at

Endorsed by former Harvard economics instructor, Al Lewis, former head of global benefits for Walmart, Tom Emerick, SEALFit Master Coach, Mike Ostrolenk, and healthy living icon, General Healthy, Khanna’s book is an energetic and pugnacious look at what’s wrong with the Affordable Care Act, how it bamboozles Americans, and how each individual American can go about fixing the healthcare system by fixing himself or herself first. If we want a leaner, better, more efficient healthcare system, we must first become all those things and put healthcare bureaucrats, technocrats, and over-exuberant apps back in their place.

Vik Khanna is available at 443-226-7009 and Contact him by email for free review copies of the e-book files in E-pub, Mobi, and PDF formats.

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Vikram Khanna is a contrarian, iconoclastic healthcare consultant and writer based in St. Louis, MO. He is expert in health policy, managed care, and wellness. With nearly 30 years experience in the U.S. healthcare industry, his perspective on this unique sausage-making factory is both unrivaled and unduplicated. He is most recently the author of Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare. He is co-author of Surviving Workplace Wellness, and he is Editor-At-Large on Wellness for The Health Care Blog.

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