Vik Khanna’s Critique Leads Popular Fitness App to Change Success Claim

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St. Louis, MO-based healthcare consultant and writer Vik Khanna's column at The Health Care Blog on Nov. 13, provokes a positive change by a popular fitness app.

St. Louis, MO (PRUnderground) November 26th, 2014

St. Louis healthcare consultant and writer Vik Khanna is applauding health app My Fitness Pal after the company changed the success claim on its homepage in response to his critique. Khanna’s November 13, 2014 column at The Health Care Blog challenged the fitness app’s claim that 65 million users had lost weight.  

In an email to Khanna on November 20, My Fitness Pal representative Rebecca Silliman, wrote: “You’re right — the wording on our homepage wasn’t communicating what we intended.  We meant to say we have 65 million users, which is what we wanted to put front and center. And while we have helped millions upon millions lose weight, clearly not all 65 million have lost weight.  It was poorly worded, and we’ve changed it.  We appreciate you calling it to our attention.”

Silliman also wrote that, “User success is what we care and think about everyday, which is why we appreciate your calling out the poor wording on the homepage.” The company has also dropped the statement on its homepage that you can “Eat whatever you want.”

Said Khanna, “This is a great example of a free and open market working as it should. This company, which has a very popular app — even I have an account — made a claim of success that was likely unsupportable. In response to my critique of the claim, they’ve changed it, and they deserve credit for making that change. Users of this or any other app should make their decisions based on supportable facts.”

Continued Khanna, “Every American can succeed in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle by adhering to the basics, a simple and sustainable plan to achieve the seven standards of cardiovascular health: achieve fitness; eat a high quality diet; maintain a healthy body weight; don’t smoke; and, as a result of those steps, you maximize the likelihood of having a normal blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar, which are crucial markers of lifelong good health.”

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Vik Khanna is available at 443-226-7009 and Contact him by email for free review copies of the e-book files in E-pub, Mobi, and PDF formats.

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