Vik Khanna Says Give Yourself An Affordable Affordable Care Act For The Holidays

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St. Louis consultant and writer Vik Khanna skewers the idea that the Affordable Care Act is either affordable or effective in this pugnacious and compelling e-book.

St. Louis, MO (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2014

St. Louis healthcare consultant and writer Vik Khanna wants people to give themselves, their friends, and their families a vital gift this holiday season…the gift of good health. Affordable and sustainable good health. And, you don’t need the government to do it.  

Khanna’s new e-book, Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare, is a no-holds barred critique of the President’s signature healthcare law, packaged with a clear, concise, and understandable guide to healthy living strategies that can keep you out of our country’s greed-soaked healthcare industry.

The e-book is available now in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace and at, for just $3.49.

In the prologue, Khanna writes about the Affordable Care Act’s grievous miscalculation about how to help Americans improve their health:

No President had ever before attempted such an ambitious overhaul of the U.S. healthcare industry. I refuse to use the phrase “healthcare system,” because that implies sensible, ordered relationships between components that work synergistically toward a goal. The wiring and plumbing in my house are systems. My dishwasher operates on the basis of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Nothing is more remote from the U.S. healthcare industry than the idea that it is a system.

The President was not wrong to try, because there was plenty wrong with US healthcare before Obamacare, and there is still plenty wrong afterwards. No, the President’s mistake was much more basic, and it undermines his landmark law. The President wrongly assumed that health is a medical product, and that the government could produce more of it by shoving people into a healthcare industry on steroids. It is the biggest strategic miscalculation and misunderstanding in the history of the concept of health.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is about the enrichment and empowerment of one of the most powerful industries in the American economy: the healthcare industry, which saw Obamacare for what it was…their full employment act. Said Khanna, “Doctors, hospitals, and health plans love Obamacare, because it is making them rich, at our expense.”

From the Prologue, which is available free at this link.  

In Obamacare, the President asks Americans to form a line and roll up their sleeves, not to do work, but to instead offer up their bodies and their wallets in perpetual service to America’s healthcare industry. It is wildly ironic that America’s first black President claims as his legislative crown jewel not helping to free people from the largely self-imposed burden of poor health, but to ensure their enslavement to an industry whose growth curve dwarfs that of other industries and whose intrusion into the lives of Americans will deepen each year, with the full blessing of the federal government.

Endorsed by former Harvard economics instructor, Al Lewis, former head of global benefits for Walmart, Tom Emerick, SEALFit Master Coach, Mike Ostrolenk, and healthy living icon, General Healthy, Khanna’s book is an energetic and pugnacious look at what’s wrong with the Affordable Care Act, how it bamboozles Americans, and how each individual American can go about fixing the healthcare system by fixing himself or herself first. If we want a leaner, better, more efficient healthcare system, we must first become all those things and put healthcare bureaucrats, technocrats, and over-exuberant apps back in their place.

Vik Khanna is available at 443-226-7009 and Contact him by email for free review copies of the e-book files in E-pub, Mobi, and PDF formats. The e-book’s website is

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Vikram Khanna is a contrarian, iconoclastic healthcare consultant and writer based in St. Louis, MO. He is expert in health policy, managed care, and wellness. With nearly 30 years experience in the U.S. healthcare industry, his perspective on this unique sausage-making factory is both unrivaled and unduplicated. He is most recently the author of Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare. He is co-author of Surviving Workplace Wellness, and he is Editor-At-Large on Wellness for The Health Care Blog.

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