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Venod Sharma addresses a massive Rally in Beri, Jhajjar, Haryana

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Venod Sharma has challenged the interview system and has demanded an immediate scrapping of the system.

Haryana, India (PRUnderground) July 7th, 2014

Former Union Minister and President of JanChetna Party, has addressed a huge rally in Beri,Jhajjhar on 6 July 2014 where he said that today Haryana is number one not in  progress and development  but only in only in the power struggle for the post of Chief Minister.

Venod Sharma was commenting on the reports of infighting among various political leaders for the post of chief minister of Haryana in the upcoming elections. Mr. Sharma said that all the candidates, regardless of their political background and capabilities are busy in projecting themselves as the next chief minister of Haryana  when are not even worthy of  becoming a village sarpanch.

Venod Sharma accused the Hooda government of ignoring the concerns of people .He added that the people of Haryana are disenchanted from the government of Bhupinder Singh Hooda. The recent Lok Sabha poll results were a testimony to the fact and in the upcoming assembly elections the prospects of Congress party is bleak.

Venod Sharma added that the government is losing the support of the people because of it’s indifferent attitude towards the people related issues. Congress has only got one seat in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and in the upcoming assembly elections it is going to meet the same fate.

About Venod Sharma:

He is a central figure of Haryana Politics and his name is synonymous with development. Venod Sharma’s primary focus is to improve the situation of weaker sections of society and other disadvantaged groups through development. A great orator, he has a huge base of supporter who views him as an icon. He is one politician whose action is not different from his words.

Among all the politicians of Haryana, Venod Sharma is the only one who is constantly attacking the interview system in Government jobs which is full of flaws and loopholes. Every year because of the prevailing interview system in Haryana, thousands of deserving candidates are devoid of Jobs. It is only

Venod Sharma has challenged the interview system and has demanded an immediate scrapping of the system.

ABOUT Janchetna party:

Venod Sharma has formed Jan Chetna Party with a motto of jan jan ko jagana hai, jan chetna ko failana hai (it is time for mass awakening, it is time to spread awareness). Jan Chetna Party is not just a party; it is a fructification of a movement. It is a coming together of likeminded parties who has come together on a platform to take the state of Haryana forward.

Janchetna party, if come to power will set in motion the process of development and growth in Haryana. The party will provide a road map for the development of Haryana. It will make Haryana the number one state of India.

With an aim to provide clean and capable leadership, Janchetna party is a movement that is rapidly gaining momentum. It is the charm of Venod Sharma that youths are joining the ranks of party in large numbers.

You can reach Venod Sharma at the following address:

Venod Sharma

118A, Model Town, Circular Road

Ambala City


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