VeinInnovations Opens 3rd Atlanta Treatment Location in July 2015

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VeinInnovations continues its wave of expansion with plans to open a third office in July, 2015, advancing to an “in-town” location to make vein treatment more accessible

Atlanta, Georgia (PRUnderground) July 2nd, 2015

VeinInnovations continues its wave of expansion with plans to open a third office in July, 2015, advancing to an “in-town” location to make vein treatment more accessible for urban and north and south-side Atlantans.

“We are delighted to be in vibrant, sophisticated Midtown. Health and appearance-conscious Atlantans are receptive to the many benefits of treating unsightly veins to prevent progression of disease, where indicated, or to simply look and feel better,” said David Martin, president and CEO of VeinInnovations.

VeinInnovations was founded by Martin in 2002. He was among the first in the Southeast offering varicose vein sufferers a way to be diagnosed and treated quickly via minimally-invasive, in-office procedures.

“Finally patients had a safe and effective alternative to the traditional surgical procedure requiring a hospital stay and a long recovery. Our patients return to work and most activities immediately following treatment. Best of all, insurance covers most of these treatments, as they are medically indicated, and prevent a host of other problems,” Martin said.

By age 50, about half of all men and women have Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), resulting in varicose or spider veins, among other symptoms. In patients with CVI, delicate one-way valves in veins have failed, causing some blood to flow backward, pool, and create spider and varicose veins, instead of continuing its course to the heart and lungs for re-oxygenation.

“While most people believe varicose and spider veins are a normal part of aging and are a cosmetic issue, we want people to know vein problems are not a necessary part of aging, and may well be a medical issue, with a negative impact on quality of life. Vein problems can cause sufferers to stop resting well, and to stop exercising,” said Martin.

“Confirming CVI is important prior to treatment, as CVI is the ‘root cause’ of most vein problems. The CVI diagnosis also increases the likelihood that treatment will be covered by insurance,” said Darrell Caudill, MD, FACS, and medical director of VeinInnovations, who encourages physicians to send their patients to VeinInnovations for an ultrasound as a first step toward confirming, or ruling out, CVI.

Caudill calls CVI a  “family disease,” as heredity and pregnancies are significant factors in who is affected by the disease, and when. Occupational pressures of standing or sitting for long periods also contribute to the development and severity of varicose and spider veins.

“A major part of our mission is educating the public about consequences of untreated varicosities – including pain, swelling, heaviness, restlessness, and possible skin ulcerations – as well as innovations in treatment” Martin said.

VeinInnovations’ medical professionals are often seen offering free ultrasound screenings at corporate health fairs and events such as the American Diabetes Association Expo, as well as at many civic and athletic events. The company is also a long-time supporter of the American Heart Association (AHA), providing education on Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) as a public service at AHA events, as well as for schools and professional conferences.

“VeinInnovations sets the bar in education and in providing the safest, easiest, and most patient-friendly experience possible to treat this prevalent condition, likely to affect more 1.2 million people in the Atlanta area. We are here to help patients achieve their best leg health, which helps them attain better health overall,” Martin said.

VeinInnovations’ newest office is just north of the landmark High Museum. Patient-friendly and beautifully appointed, the 15th floor suite of the 1355 Peachtree Building affords scenic views of Ansley Park and the Buckhead skyline.

The practice opened its second location in Johns Creek in 2013, as a complement to the flagship office in Sandy Springs, on the campus of Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital.

VeinInnovations offers free cosmetic ultrasound screenings at all offices, and offers Saturday hours in Sandy Springs. Appointments are required and can be made by calling 678-731-9815.  Visit for more information.

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VeinInnovations delivers correct diagnoses, offers customized treatment options, and improves the health of leg veins – improving health overall! Untreated vein issues can lead to a multitude of severe health problems. VeinInnovations uses the latest diagnostic tools to find the root cause of leg fatigue, pain, restlessness and/or varicose and spider veins. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 678-731-9815 or visit

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