VCP 365 launches new on-demand practice partner for anyone learning to speak a second language

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Getting to fluency is a lot harder when there is no one to practice with. A new website, VCP 365 is ready to help.

London, Ontario (PRUnderground) November 15th, 2015

Virtual Conversation Practice is a technique that allows students to practice interactive conversations any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.

The website offers a wide choice of topics on which a student might want to practice speaking. In each conversation there are two people, person A and person B. For example, person A, the virtual practice partner might say, “What is your name?” in English if that is the language being studied. There would be a pause in which the student, Person B, would answer the question with, “My name is Carol.” The conversation would then continue with pauses for the student to answer each time.  For a demonstration, visit

Conversation topics include: Introductions (self and introducing others), asking about products in a store, asking for directions, 20 grammatical structures covered in 200 conversations, banking, customer service and doing a job interview in English.   English is the languge currently being offered and in the next few months VCP365 will be rolling out other languages. The first languages after English will be Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, Hebrew and Arabic.

The service is ideal for people who are already studying English but want to improve their speaking skills in an environment that suits their schedule. It is a beneficial option for educational institutions and human resource departments to offer as a reward or perk for those in the organization studying English or another language.    The service is available on an affordable subscription basis, $12 monthly or $125.00 a year per language for individuals and through a site license for institutions. Anyone anywhere with a computer can practice their speaking skills in a virtual setting; and they can choose the practice subject from 365 virtual conversations.

The company is based in London, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit  When learning a new language, there is no substitute for actual speaking practice. VCP365 is a new way to practice effectively.

About Virtual Conversation Practice 365 (VCP 365)

Virtual Conversation Practice 365 (VCP 365) is a provider of interactive foreign language practice.
Using artificial intelligence and virtual talking characters, VCP 365 enables language students to practice 365 conversations which include 65 Beginner conversations, 200 Intermediate conversations and 100 Business conversations. For more information, visit

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