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With More than $50 Billion of Vacation Time Wasted Each Year, Erik the Travel Guy Offers Valuable Advice to Get Americans Traveling

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 25th, 2014

Erik the Travel Guy is mad; really mad.  A recent study conducted by Oxford Economics for the U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Effect initiative found that American workers permanently lost a total of 169 million days of paid time off or approximately $52 billion of vacation time.  That’s right, approximately $52 billion of vacation time goes unused each year with the number one concern being that they’ll lose their jobs if they take vacation.

“It’s troubling that someone would waste this valuable benefit, especially for fear of retribution,” commented Erik the Travel Guy.  “The vast majority of Americans love and want to travel.  All’s not lost, however, and with a well laid plan it is possible to avoid many common workplace pitfalls.”

The study also found that Americans are taking less vacation time than at any point in nearly the last four decades and, in 2013, employees took an average of 16 days of vacation compared to an average of 20.3 days as recently as 2000.  To make the most of your well deserved paid time off, Erik suggests:

  • Making a commitment to travel within a certain time period and budgeting for it.
  • Bring your boss into the loop early in the process to gain his buy-in.
  • Build on your weekly or weekend scheduled days off.
  • Do some research to determine where you want to go.
  • Reconfirm with your boss prior to making any reservations, especially reservations that can’t be cancelled or that come with a penalty for canceling.

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Erik Hastings is Erik the Travel Guy.  With a bevy of production talents under his belt, including radio, media design and production, theater, commercial work and hosting duties, Erik is a former producer for WABC Radio where he hosted Erik Hastings Travel World.   In 2005, Erik launched his own production company that specializes in creating high quality travel videos, which has added “world traveler” to his resume. This enterprise encapsulates all of Erik’s true joys by combining video production, writing, discovery, adventure, performing and interacting with fascinating people in some of the most inspiring and beautiful locations  in the world.

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Erik the Travel Guy inspires people to travel, explore and learn – whether in their own backyard or around the world. He is on a mission to get more people traveling more often, staying longer and experiencing the true joy of travel.

Erik Hastings is Erik The Travel Guy and he has spent his entire life on stage, behind a microphone and in front of the camera. In 2006, he developed a new brand of experiential, online travel videos and to this day, he has never looked back. In 2007 he began hosting Travel Show Live for WABC in New York – the first travel show in the history of the station. Today, Erik fills his days traveling the world, and making travel videos that help turn potential vacation browsers into vacation-takers!

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