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USA-grown Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps contain zero lead; low heavy metals verified

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New line of USA-grown functional mushrooms is laboratory-validated via ICP-MS to certify extremely low heavy metals like lead and cadmium

United States (PRUnderground) February 25th, 2014

The big problem with functional mushrooms sold these days is that so many of them are contaminated with toxic heavy metals because they’re grown in China. As a result, some contain alarming concentrations of heavy metals like lead.

But today, Natural News is changing all that. Over the past year, they meticulously sourced extremely clean, high-potency functional mushrooms grown and harvested in the USA and laboratory verified to contain extremely low levels of heavy metals.

Most retailers never test any of their products for heavy metals, but Natural News tests EVERYTHING for heavy metals.

The company also believes consumers have a right to know what they’re eating when it comes to mushrooms, or chlorella, or rice protein or any other superfood. On top of that, Natural News strives to support U.S. farmers and growers who produce quality products right here in North America.

That’s why the publisher just launched

It’s a non-profit, open-source website describing a set of strict standards for low heavy metals in superfoods, herbs, supplements and more.

When Natural News subjected its own functional mushrooms to ICP-MS laboratory testing for heavy metals, they rated as follows:

Lion’s Mane: A++
Reishi: A+++
Maitake: A+++
Cordyceps: A+++
Shiitake: A+++
Turkey Tail: A++

Every one of these mushrooms tests at zero lead and cadmium, with a detection limit below 5 parts per billion.

Low heavy metals verified mushrooms are available from the Natural News Store.

Super clean, USA-grown mushrooms

These laboratory-validated mushrooms are grown in a super clean medium of USA-grown brown rice. They are never grown in animal manure. Nothing comes from China, and every single production lot is tested for heavy metals using the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

Now, for the first time in history, people who buy functional mushrooms have a new, informed choice: laboratory-validated mushrooms with total transparency about what they truly contain.

Welcome to the new era of superfoods validated for low heavy metals

The heavy metals standards described at are not just for Natural News; they’re for everyone who wishes to use them.

The site represents a non-profit, non-commercial, open-source effort to bring increased transparency to foods, superfoods, herbs and more.

What consumers are likely to see from here forward is more and more companies seeking to validate the heavy metals composition of their products using this scale, from “A+++” down to “F.”

Products that rate “A” or higher will see a premium price in the marketplace. Products with lower ratings (or with no ratings at all) will have to be sold at lower prices because their heavy metals composition will be a mystery.

How will these low heavy metals ratings be regulated or policed? Natural News promises to purchase off-the-shelf products that claim validated heavy metals levels and spot check them for accuracy.

Natural News Store is the first retailer in history to be Low Heavy Metals Verified

Watch for more products across the Natural News Store to be Low Heavy Metals Verified. The store is the first retailer to adhere to such standards, and it’s just one of the many ways in which Natural News is leading the natural products industry in the direction of enhanced consumer trust, transparency and safer products.

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