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Ultra-thin, Ultra-compact Full-sized Bluetooth Keyboard fits in case size of Dry Erase Marker

Industry: Mobile Computers & Consulting

Judoka Mobile is developing an ultra-thin (less than 1mm), ultra-compact full-size bluetooth keyboard, the FlexScroll™, with full-size keys and tactile feedback.

United States (PRUnderground) January 11th, 2014

Judoka Mobile, LLC, today, announced it is currently developing an ultra-thin (less than 1mm), ultra-compact full-size mobile bluetooth keyboard, the FlexScroll, with full key travel, and tactile feedback for smartphones and tablets.

The FlexScroll keyboard is stored in a sleek cylindrical case that fits easily into the pocket and is about the size of a dry erase marker. For typing, it unrolls, becomes rigid, and expands in thickness to a full-sized keyboard with a similar typing experience as that of a typical laptop keyboard. It is the thinnest and most compact keyboard with touch typing capability and true tactile feedback ever developed.

Our FlexScroll keyboard is unprecedented,” stated Shakoor Siddeeq, a Georgia Tech (www.gatech.edu) engineering graduate/alumni and CEO/CTO/Founder of Judoka Mobile. “To be able to squeeze an entire full-size bluetooth keyboard into a case about the size of a dry erase marker without sacrificing key travel or tactile feedback puts our company in a unique position to disrupt and lead the mobile keyboard market.”

Judoka Mobile’s FlexScroll keyboard is based upon its patented (U.S. Patent# 8129645) and patent pending TactFlex key switch technology. TactFlex is a dynamically self-balancing key switch technology. Using existing materials and manufacturing processes, it is able to be less than 1mm when compressed, yet expand to 18mm thick.

TactFlex key switch technology works by inducing a rotational mechanical equilibrium within a thin elastic membrane under tension which encircles each key. The tensioned elastic membrane acts to dynamically stabilize each key in real-time, similar to the scissor type key switch balancing mechanism found in nearly all laptop keyboards. However, unlike the scissor type key switch, which is rigid, Judoka Mobile’s TactFlex key switch technology can be nearly paper thin and flexible with the right materials yet expand in height for true touch typing and tactile feedback.

Current expansion mechanisms considered include air pressure and shape memory alloys, such as nitinol.  A link to a concept video of the FlexScroll keyboard, which is currently in development, is below:


For more information about Judoka Mobile, LLC, the FlexScroll keyboard, and TactFlex key switch technology please visit www.judokamobile.com.


About Judoka Mobile, LLC

Judoka Mobile, LLC is a technology startup that designs and develops ultra-thin and compact mobile peripheral accessories and components. Our initial product, the FlexScroll, bridges the gap between mobility and productivity by providing a full-sized bluetooth keyboard with full key travel and tactile feedback that rolls up to fit into a stylish and sleek cylindrical case that slips easily into the pocket.

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