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Ultimate Trade Show and Event Ideas – Dueling Waterless Surf Simulators WOW the Crowd

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The Worlds First Electronic Surfboard Simulator company launches Two-player -on-screen interactive games that put skills to the ultimate challenge at any event.

Waikiki / Hawaii (PRUnderground) May 29th, 2012

i-Surfsimulators   launches an entire new line of event and trades show portable  systems  that are exciting, interactive video games requiring balance  and coordination skills.   Their  track record of 20 years  success features proprietary,  customizable software which  allows for  the insertion of company logos,  products and mini videos.  The virtual, waterless surfing system  entertains crowds and engages customers    “Dueling dry-land surfing”  is just one  of their new exciting interactive  programs that encourages participation and creates a most memorable experience.

Recognized worldwide for patenting and creating the world’s first surfing simulator  invention back in 1992,  i-Surfboard Simulators delivers an entire new approach to playing a variety of video games featuring  genuine Hawaiian electronic surf boards on which people must stand on to play the interactive / balance games.  These electronic surfboards are not to be confused with the old -school, intimidating mechanical bull style in which people get “rocked off”  the board.  The high tech surfboards encourage  participants use their balance and core physical skills to control all the action on the video screen – just like being a human joystick.  Kids from 5 – 95 years old enjoy fantasy surfing!

A variety of  new surf titles include:

1)  “WAIKIKI SURF CHALLENGE”: Riding 30 foot virtual waves

2)  “Dueling SurfBoards: Challenging” on screen surfers to a pong like game

3)  “S.O.S. Save our Surf”: Eco Friendly Educational  game – race to clean up the ocean.

The interactive games feature the ability to place company  graphics  within the game.  Video pop ups also can be inserted during the game to feature mini ads about the products and services offered by the company.

“Interactive”  participation is the key leverage you need at any trade show,  event,  corporate party or marketing promotion. The  exciting,  three dimensional interactive display, maximizes company exposure and guarantee  everyone  a memorable experience tied in with your brand or service.  It is a psychological fact that that when people laugh or get excited,  the  brain opens up and receives and retains information more readily.

The lightweight and totally portable electronic system  also helps your marketing team engage with potential customers on a higher level.  Rather than handing out brochures and business cards,  the entertainment and WOW factor creates a connection between you and your  customers almost immediately.  Guests will naturally ask for information  after their participation.

i-Surfing Simulators, an  event design idea company,  also plans to use the interactive games to educate children about ecology and saving the oceans.  The software was designed so that it  can be easily custom tailored to feature trash and scenery designed by anyone who has access to any standard PC – no programming skills needed.

Clients like Sony Entertainment, Hawaii 5-0, ABC TV, Motorola, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Cisco Systems, Qantas Airlines and Microsoft have either rented or purchased the computerized surfboards for their event or promotion.  The i-Surfing Simulators company based in Hawaii, where surfing was born, ships worldwide and can customize any surfboard and sim game and virtual game to promote your event.


It all started a little more than two decades ago when a small ad agency was hired to create a never been done before promotion for its client that owned a chain of surf shops. Determined to create and promote to the hilt the Worlds First Indoor Surfing Contest, the agency set to work on developing what was initially a relatively archaic surf simulator. The national broadcast and print media picked up on the event, crowds went wild, the client was beyond thrilled and a business was born. Today, Indoor Virtual VIdeo Surf Simulator Events is the premier developer and primary source for the worlds most advanced and respected indoor surf simulators.

The companys client list reads like a Whos Who of anyone that matters on Wall Street: Disney,Honda Motors, BMW Motors, Good Year Tire Corp., Hawaii 5-0 ,Sony Entertainment, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Nike, Motorola and Verizon, to name just a few. All of these companies have experienced the tremendous buzz and energy generated by having an indoor surf simulator at their company party, trade show and events that span from South Africa, Dubai, Japan, Australia and New York.

Now that same level of excitement can be generated anywhere by anyone who owns or rents one of these incredible electronic virtual surf systems. i – 3D Virtual Surf Simulators Hawaii has made it easy with their multifaceted platforms that are light weight, easy to operate and sets up in minutes.

Our genuine surf simulators from Hawaii deliver excitement at any trade show, party, promotion, grand opening, and corporate team building! i – Surf Simulators Hawaii have been in the business for more than 25 years and our experience is what delivers a lasting, unique event for anyone and any age – we are the original and GENUINE made-in -Hawaii! We have been hired for corporate trade shows, retail promotions, museums, restaurant chains, hotels, malls, theaters and more!…any event becomes a sensational hit with our indoor video surf systems.

A Profitable, Fun, Green Business Opportunity Like No Other the company also features reclaimed surfboards www.surfsimulatorevents.com

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