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UK Voucher Codes Website Gives Charity A Helping Hand

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With the British public still giving generously to charity, Love My Vouchers urges businesses to follow suit and remove the commission charges for promoting charities.

UK (PRUnderground) March 25th, 2012

Despite the economic downturn, Britain still continues to give generously to charities. Indeed, the World Giving Index, a survey conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in December 2011, found that we are the fifth most charitable country in the World. The UK Giving Survey reported that almost 6 out of 10 adults made a donation in a typical month in 2010/11, which roughly equates to 29.5 million adults donating.

Whilst the figures are impressive, there is still a group of people that refuse to give to charity as they believe that their money is not being put to good use. Amongst other things, research conducted by Love My Vouchers found that people were put off by how much charities spend on salaries and by the “excessive amount of money spent on administration”.

In fact, most charities register with the Charity Commission and abide by their fundraising guidance. The Commission urges charities to “take steps to ensure the costs of running a fundraising appeal are proportionate to the income it is expected to generate”.

In order to ensure this guidance is adhered to, accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission and are fully visible online. This measure does help to prevent excessive spending on administration. Of course, the promotional activities that are necessary differ depending on the cause and the amount of public support there is for that cause. It is often necessary for large amounts to be spent on promotion in order to reach a sufficiently wide audience, but the money these campaigns generate is what enables the charity to continue with their life saving and life changing activities. Without it, they simply would not be able to function.

The campaign activities sometimes involve affiliate marketing, listing on websites such as in order to reach as many people as possible. There are many networks that work with charities in order to promote them and get them in the public eye. Generally, this promotion is paid for by a percentage of sale commission being passed on to the site that generated the sale.

Love My Vouchers disagree with taking this commission and believe that all charities should be promoted free of charge. Steps have been taken to remove any affiliate links from charity pages on the website. It is hoped that the larger voucher code, deal and offer websites will follow suit and allow charities free promotion, giving that little extra back to them. Furthermore, this step will hopefully help dispel the view that charities overspend on promotion and encourage even more people to donate.

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