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Students at UIC (United International College) are making increasingly diverse choices in which foreign languages they wish to study.

London, UK (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2012

The leading London language school believes this represents an ongoing trend in the language choices we will make in the future.
UIC is an award-winning language school based near Oxford Circus in central London. Over recent years it has noticed a pronounced trend which has seen students increasingly demanding courses in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The growth-rate for enrolment in such courses is significantly higher than that of more traditional language choices such as French, German or Spanish.

UIC today highlighted recent studies made by the Modern Language Association in America which reported similar findings. In its survey of American colleges it found that over recent years enrolment on Arabic courses had grown by almost 50% and Chinese or Korean courses were experiencing 20% growth. During the same period traditional favourites such as French, German or Spanish grew at between just 2-5%.

UIC now offers its students the choice of Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. Although based in London UIC offers language courses all across the UK through its network of teachers. For many students wishing to learn French Leeds may be the only viable location, whereas other students are looking for Korean courses in Newcastle. UIC can provide its language courses nationwide.

According to the Confederation of British Industry Chinese is one of the most sought-after languages by British businesses. UIC offers corporate language courses and has found a particular surge in the numbers of businesses from the finance sector that are requesting Chinese language courses for their staff. If money talks, it appears to be increasingly speaking Chinese.

A review of the motivations that UIC students have for taking Arabic or Chinese language courses however, reveals that a vocational motivation is just one amongst many. Some students are planning an extended period of travel through the Middle East or China. Others cite personal reasons such as a desire to be able to communicate with an Arabic partner’s family. Some students are simply interested in Chinese culture and see the study of the language as a way of exploring this further. For some these non-traditional foreign languages to study simply represent a challenge and a refreshing alternative to the norm.

As the influence of non-European societies and cultures on our own continues to grow in today’s globalised world UIC suggest we can expect to see the continued growth in non-traditional language choices. If the latest word in language study is diversification then ‘vive la différence’!

About UIC:

UIC is a privately owned language school situated in the centre of London. It offers evening classes, private tuition, summer classes and longer-term courses in English as a foreign language and courses in all major Modern Foreign Languages. Through its nationwide network of teachers it can provide the best Spanish courses Leeds can offer, award-winning English courses in London and Arabic lessons in Aberdeen.


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