Two new organic gifts sets from Osmia Organics – a green gift option for everyone.

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Osmia Organics, an artisanal soap & skin care company in the mountains of Colorado, releases two new gifts sets for the holidays - The Soap Stash and The Posh Pack.

Colorado (PRUnderground) November 26th, 2014

Osmia Organics has teamed up with Rume, a Colorado-based accessories company, to create two new gift sets in time for the 2014 holiday season.  The sets appeal to a wide range of recipients, as they are all customizable, and have unisex options.  Osmia is known for its luxury, organic body soaps and oils, and their natural perfumes, all made without synthetic fragrance elements.  Rume creates lifestyle accessories for the sustainably-minded consumer, and has them produced at a fair-trade factory in South Korea.

The first set, The Soap Stash, consists of four, full-sized body soaps, a soap saver, and the reusable bag by Rume.  Customers may select the four soaps, as well as the color of the bag.  Osmia offers 15 body soaps, all made with organic plant oils, natural exfoliants and colorants, and scented with esssential oils.  The soaps are known for their moisturizing power – hand-made soap retains its glycerin, which helps keep the skin moist.  13 of the 15 bars are vegan – only the Oh So Soap and the Milky Rose Soap contain organic buttermilk powder to enhance the creaminess of the lather.  The Rume bags are offered in four solid colors and two patterns, while supplies last.  Osmia’s soaps last longer than most handcrafted soap due to a very long cure time and the inclusion of the small, reusable soap saver, on which the soap should be stored between uses.  Founder and CEO, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, says: “It may not have been the fastest path to profitability, making our soaps last forever, but our customers sure love it.  And the Soap Stash is a pretty foolproof gift – everyone needs soap.”

The second gift set, The Posh Pack, is a set of three products, designed to be used together in sequence.  Scent layering can be confusing for consumers, so Osmia has designated four sets, each comprising a soap, a body oil, and a perfume, in which the scents compliment and enhance each other, rather than compete with each other. According to Dr. Villafranco, “certain essential oils combine beautifully and create a new, third scent that is pleasing to the palate, while others can struggle with each other to the point of distraction.  Just like flavors in food, essential oils need to be balanced in natural perfumery, so that the scent as a whole comes together gracefully.” The Posh Pack is available in four options:

  • Quintessential Colorado – Evergreen Shea Soap, Forest Body Oil, and the company’s best-selling Juniper Fire Natural Perfume.  The scents are all reminiscent of the mountains in which the products are made. Unisex.
  • Moonstruck – Vetiver Grey Soap, Water Lily Body Oil, and Trusque Natural Perfume.  This selection is rich in earthy vetiver, with a sultry sweetness that lingers on the skin.  Unisex.
  • Wicked Jasmine – Zucca Spice Soap, Sunset Body Oil, and Bria Natural Perfume Oil are linked together by olfactory threads of jasmine and coriander – spicy and warm to the nose.
  • Rise & Shine – This is an uplifiting combination of Chamomile Sun Soap, Light Body Oil, and Posso Natural Perfume Oil, designed to elevate the spirit and instill optimism and confidence in the wearer.

The Soap Stash ($49) and The Posh Pack ($99-$165) are both available on Osmia’s website now.

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Osmia Organics, founded by Dr. Sarah Villafranco, creates beautifully scented, plant-based soaps and skin care in the Colorado mountains. We are here to help you choose your health and happiness daily, and to make you feel and smell incredible while you’re doing it.

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