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Heather Kilgour, award winning children’s story writer, is the latest advocate for the Tunelit phenomenon.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) March 25th, 2011

Heather Kilgour, award winning children’s story writer, is the latest advocate for the Tunelit phenomenon. Her soon to be published book ‘In Though the Window’ has had a musical score created by Tunelit, giving her readers the added benefit of an audio CD to accompany her delightfully illustrated book for young children. The creators of Tunelit are working with all types of writers to give their words the perfect musical score, uniquely composed to their specifications, whether it’s a poem, a story, or a message of love.

Kay White, Communications Director from Tunelit explained how they believe that, “In this ever evolving world, adding bespoke music to words is the new era of telling your stories, and Tunelit couldn’t be simpler. All writers have to do is send in their words, and we will create a unique track for them.”

“Orders are coming in now for Mother’s Day in the form of poems for mums to tunelit.co.uk. But a Tunelit can be created for any special occasion such as a Birthday or Anniversary or as a present for their loved ones. Companies can create a Tunelit radio commercial or radio story, or a Tunelit for a video animation or documentary. You can Tunelit anything, and every piece of music is individually tailored to each piece of writing. A bespoke score for your words in the form of a fully mastered composition where the writer owns the copyright of the high quality soundtrack!” said Kay.

Heather is clearly extremely pleased with her finished product, thanking Tunelit for “making such a gorgeous recording for me. They have captured the mood and drama of the story perfectly. The recording has brought the text to life in a way I had not imagined, both with the voices they chose to read the text and the amazing original music.”

David Byrne, winner of the Brit Writers’ Poetry Award 2010, commented on his Tunelit score created for his Poem, Someone Talk to Me; “The music is excellent! I love the almost sinister opening and then the lament into the horns which give the piece a more positive shift yet not too cloying. Well done Tunelit!!!”

From silent films, to epic movie scores and from the printed word to digital books, Tunelit is the next generation in the evolution of words.



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