TriState Dental Launches eNAMEL Unlimited Network Support Service

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In an effort to better serve dental practices' priority needs, TriState Dental has launched eNAMEL - Network monitoring and unlimited support for the U.S. Dental Market.

Monroe, NJ (PRUnderground) September 8th, 2014

TriState Dental and TriState Technical have officially launched eNAMEL-Network monitoring and unlimited remote support.  eNAMEL is an affordable flat-rate, unlimited remote support service that provides proactive, preventive care for dental office networks. TriState Dental and TriState Technical have collaborated to create this service to provide the best possible network support and protection at an excellent price for their clients.

Just as dentists bring quality preventive care to their communities, eNAMEL brings quality preventive care to practices’ computer networks. eNAMEL’s state of the art software and self healing agents, combined with a qualified, knowledgeable U.S. based  team of certified technicians, is the most efficient and economical solution to protect sensitive patient data.

The President of TriState Technical, Jonathan Morris, compares computer network maintenance in dental to the maintenance of more traditional dental equipment. “Vacuum pumps and compressors are the heart and lungs of your dental practice, if they break down then you can’t perform dentistry. You properly maintain them to minimize that possibility and maximize product lifecycle.  At TriState Technical, we believe your computer network is the brain and central nervous system of your practice. The data managed in your practice is sensitive and needs state of the art protection, as well as the network that houses it. eNAMEL provides that protection with a focus on prevention and remote support.”

Prevention keeps problems, breeches and defects to a minimum. The focus on remote support means that even if there is a problem, it is handled in a way that allows your office to continue functioning. TriState Technical’s knowledgeable technicians are granted access to your network so that they can fix problems in the background for you, while you continue to focus on dentistry.

By focusing on their clients’ priority business needs, TriState Dental and TriState Technical have identified computer network support to be a key focus in the dental industry. Dental offices have evolved into technology-intensive businesses that require a reliable, strong and preventive support to keep their production uninterrupted. TriState Dental and TriState Technical now offer unparalleled support at an unprecedented value with eNAMEL.

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