Tree Pollen Allergies? Arizona Clinic Announces a Simple Alternative to Shots

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Allergy shots can fortify people against impending tree pollens, but Family Allergy Clinic's oral drops are a preferred form of immunotherapy for many.

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2016

With tree pollens peaking from February to May, the Family Allergy Clinic near Phoenix, Arizona announces a safer simpler way to ward off allergies-under-the-tongue drops.

Like allergy shots, the drops are a form of immunotherapy–the only treatment shown to affect the underlying allergic disease instead of just its symptoms. However, instead of being injected into the skin, the drops are dispensed under the tongue where they absorb into the bloodstream.

Stuart Agren, M.D., owner of the Family Allergy Clinic, said he developed the drops for patients who needed immunotherapy but didn’t want the hassle of shots.

“The drops have a higher safety profile than shots, so they can be taken in the comfort of home,” said Agren. “That makes them a far more practical option for people who don’t have time to drive to the doctor’s office a couple times a week for injections.”

Agren said that the vast majority of his patients opt for drops rather than shots. While most are won over by the convenience factor, he said there are other advantages, too.

Allergy shots are mainly reserved for kids age 8 and up, but drops can be safely prescribed to younger children,” said Agren. “They’re also really helpful for people who travel a lot and can’t get their shots regularly. Drops can be taken on the go.”

The drops contain extracts of tree pollens and other allergens. As people take the drops, their body can become “immune” to these pollens and stop overreacting to them with uncomfortable allergy symptoms.

Juniper, alder, and cedar trees tend to pollinate earliest in the year (often in February). Other allergy-causing trees follow suit around March, including elm, mulberry, oak, and pecan.

Tree allergies can cause a broad range of troubling symptoms such as hay fever, hives, eczema, itchy eyes, sinusitis, and asthma.

About Family Allergy Clinic

Doctors at this Arizona allergist clinic offer sublingual immunotherapy (under-the-tongue allergy drops) for pollen and pet allergies as well as for food allergies (including milk wheat, gluten, nut, and fruit). The treatment is effective for kids with allergies, asthma, hay fever, eczema, sinus infections, and more.

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