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Travel to Beijing to the magnificent Forbidden City with China Tours & enjoy your holidays to China

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Holiday packages organised by China Tours Ltd often start with a travel to Beijing to tour the imperial palace called the Forbidden City in the heart of the capital

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2013

Wintertime in Beijing is cold, since the temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees centigrade. With largely wooden structures and no insulation in the ancient times, you may wonder how the imperial family kept themselves warm enough to survive the bitter climate.

The answer lies primarily in the complex of tunnels which were dug out under each of the major rooms in the palace. The entrance to the tunnels, located outside of each room and were about 1.5 meters deep, was fitted with wood and coal burning stoves. The heat from the stoves radiated along each tunnel, which in turn heated the floor of the palace room above; a precursor to our modern under-floor heating.  Charcoal burning warmers for hands and feet were also widely used inside each room by members of the royal family. These warmers were made of ceramic or copper and were coated with either gold or painted with beautiful pictures. The charcoal was specially commissioned and transported from designated areas of the countryside. Inside the palace, there were specific departments set up to procure, store, and distribute the charcoal to the members of the royal family based on their rank and importance.

James Zhang, MD of China Tours Ltd remarked: “Travelling to Beijing to see the Forbidden City is a highlight of our China holiday packages such as “China Glimpse”. The immense scale of the complex is an awe inspiring experience and the beauty of the architecture is breathtaking. This represents China’s cultural heritage in a grand way. We are committed to offering our customers the ultimate life-time travel experience.”

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China Tours Ltd is a UK registered operator with over ten years experience of organising holidays to China. The destination of China inspires, fascinates and enchants travellers with its rich, diverse and often mysterious landscape and culture. Our tailor made private China holidays and small group tours give you an insight into China’s thousand years’ imperial past as you tour the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Warriors. You will also experience the tranquil and magical countryside around Guilin and Yangshuo, as well as the vibrant Shanghai, explore the natural habitat of the giant pandas and cruise the mighty Yangtze River through the spectacular Three Gorges. Visit and let’s discover China together.

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