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Transparency for the Anti-Aging industry? Wrinklepedia.com

Industry: Beauty

New Web Tool Gives Power to the Consumer.

United States (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2014

2014 marks a new era in the beauty and anti-aging industry. “Two hundred years of snake oils are just about enough.” says Martin Chase, Press Relations for Wrinklepedia™. Aptly named for its array of anti-aging and medical information, Wrinklepedia™ operates as a testing facility and a product and procedure encyclopedia.

”Until now, consumers have relied heavily on reviews and blogs usually created by manufacturers or resellers riddled with bias, manipulation or fabrication.” says Chase.

Wrinklepedia™ works with medical professionals, laboratories and universities all over the country to provide the information consumers need; independent anti-aging product testing, procedure monitoring, ingredient descriptions and a comprehensive explanation of how each and every area of the face ages and methods to prevent certain signs of aging.

Chase explained that Wrinklepedia™ even houses a ground breaking search engine. “Term searching, like Google, is not efficient when it comes to anti-aging or beauty.” says Chase. “Unless the consumer is searching the exact term the publisher is posting, the search is nearly useless”. Wrinklepedia™ operates through a patent pending search software allowing the consumer to simply point an click on the aging area of concern delivering accurate results without confusing terms. In fact, Wrinklepedia™ filters millions of treatment options within only a few clicks.

“We provide straight forward unbiased information on anti-aging products and procedures, exactly the way consumers desire it.” claims Chase, “No ads, no misleading reviews and no knowingly false claims”. Wrinklepedia™ operates through an open source platform, similar to Wikipedia. Consumers, professionals, and manufacturers can all contribute helpful information on ingredients, tips and medical data regarding wrinkles and skin care. This information is carefully curated for accuracy, but adds considerable value in an ever changing industry.

Consumers will come to Wrinklepedia™ for the most accurate, up to date and tested methods, ingredients and products to fight signs of aging. Through product testing, claim investigations, practitioner qualifications and procedure monitoring, Wrinklepedia will maintain a dynamic database for both the industry and the consumer.

According to Wrinklepedia™, there are countless websites that sell anti-aging products on the web. However, finding unbiased, laboratory and/or medical based information on both products, services and even resellers is nearly impossible.

Wrinklepedia™ is geared to be the central connection point for manufacturers and resellers and the most informative and effective anti-aging guide and laboratory in the world.

Martin Chase



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Wrinklepedia is an online product and service testing and evaluation platform. Wrinklepedia is a owned and operated by Sesa Laboratories, LLC.

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