Tired Of Post-nasal Drip? AllergyEasy® Sublingual Drops Offer A Lasting Solution

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Prolonged or recurring bouts of post-nasal drip are often caused by allergies. AllergyEasy offers a no-shots, no-hassle solution to allergy-induced post-nasal drip with

Phoenix, Arizona (PRUnderground) December 22nd, 2014

Sick of post-nasal drip? That irritating flow of excessive mucus down the back of the throat may crop up in short bursts as a result of viruses or bacterial infections. But when post-nasal drip lingers for weeks or even months, it may well be a result of allergies.

Thanks to AllergyEasy, those suffering with allergy-induced post-nasal drip need not be stuck with it. AllergyEasy offers a no-shots, no-hassle allergy treatment with under-the-tongue allergy drops that can be taken at home.

One of the body’s favorite defenses against allergens in the environment is to create a surplus of mucus. That mucus can emerge from the nose, or it can drip down the throat. While mucus secretions in the throat are part of the body’s standard processes, too much of that mucus can irritate the lining of the throat, causing hoarseness, a sore throat, chronic cough, and the constant feeling that the throat needs to be cleared.

While antihistamines and decongestants can help with allergy-induced post-nasal drip, they can have side effects (drowsiness, dry mouth, and dizziness to name a few). Some can even thicken the mucus, making it worse. Furthermore, these medications don’t get to the heart of the problem, so when people stop taking them, the post-nasal drip returns.

To treat the source of the allergy-induced drip, doctors recommend immunotherapy which starts with an allergy serum containing extracts of common allergens. As patients take the serum, their body can become immune to the pollens, pet dander and molds that once caused so much misery.

Immunotherapy can be taken as shots or, more conveniently and safely, as under-the-tongue drops that absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth.

Stuart Agren, M.D. is the director of AllergyEasy which provides under-the-tongue allergy serum to prescribing physicians across the country.  He said that the advantages of sublingual drops for allergy-induced post-nasal drip are clear.  

"It offers a long-term fix that you don't get from popping a pill, and it comes without all of the hassles of having to go to the doctor's office for shots," said Dr. Agren.

Dr. Agren said that he recently treated a patient who had suffered for nearly 40 years with a chronic cough caused by post-nasal drip.  

"He had seen nearly a dozen doctors, been tested for asbestos poisoning, and taken most every medication out there, but nothing helped," said Dr. Agren.

Within a few weeks on the sublingual serum drops, the post-nasal drip subsided and so did his cough.    

"A lot of people get stuck in this endless cycle of cough and post-nasal drip without even knowing that allergies could be at the heart of it," said Dr. Agren.      

For more information about under-the-tongue allergy drops, visit www.MyAllergyEasy.com.

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AllergyEasy helps allergy doctors around the country provide sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to their patients who suffer with allergies to pollen and food allergies (including dairy allergy, wheat allergy, nut allergy, fruit allergy and more.) AllergyEasy can connect patients to a doctor in their area who offers sublingual allergy treatment.

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