Tips From Nunan’s Florist on Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Plan something unique this Valentine’s Day for your loved ones. Here's some tips from Nunan's Florist on planning the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

Georgetown, MA (PRUnderground) February 4th, 2016

Here’s some tips from Nunan’s Florist & Greenhouses on planning the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Every year there comes that pressure to exhibit your devotion and love to your special loved one on Valentine’s Day. That annual pressure does not have to feel like an obligation but a fun example of the joy you feel towards them each day. Plan something unique this Valentine’s Day and surprise them with these little ideas:

1. Everyone has a favorite color – Use it in your gift as an accent or for the entire gift itself. Whether you wrap it with that color paper or just select their favorite color flowers to spread throughout their bouquet, considering something distinctive only to them that will definitely make them smile! Here is another color idea:

·  Pick up a tropical plant in their favorite color. Even place the plant in that same color container. The scent will whisk them away to a far off paradise while the thought that they are your paradise everyday will especially thrill them.

2. Create a Valentine’s treasure hunt– By buying and creating a few little gifts, like small individual stuffed animals, little keepsakes, and chocolates and hiding them throughout the house. Starting from the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning you can lead them on a trail to the kitchen table with heart shaped pancakes and strawberries adorning the plate. The joy is in the hunt and the little tokens of your love make it extra special without being costly. Here are two other little scavenger hunts you can set up:

·  Buy a few helium filled balloons with long ribbons. Tie little clues onto each of the ribbons and have them strategically placed throughout the house. (This is better done in lower ceilings so that the ribbons can be easily pulled down.) On each of the notes write clues to where the Valentine prize is hidden!

·  Place a few of their favorite flowers in a votive holder in various places along a path to a special location that displays a rolled paper scroll with your plans to take them to their favorite place or destination. The outing does not have to be just on Valentine’s Day, it can also be a future date of their choice.

3. Roses that radiate – Instead of just the same old dozen roses, add an unexpected accent by picking up a dozen with her favorite flower mixed in the bouquet. She will know you made a custom selection for her and that she was first on your mind and in your heart. Here are two other rose ideas:

·  Create a trail of rose petals to your arrangement and drop a few neatly folded notes along the path, each little note telling them what you love most about them and how they are so appreciated in all the big and small things that they do!

·  Tie a little note to each individual rose in the arrangement, so that every blooming rose tells the story of your love story together.

4. Candles light the way – Creating a small path to a romantic dinner waiting for your love or your family is just a small but elegant way to say “you are special”. Pick up some small tea lights and place them in votive holders from the front door to the dining room. You can place them on entry tables, small coffee tables and end tables until you reach the dining table where a large centerpiece of assorted candles are lit for your special meal. It does not need to be fancy, but consider their favorite food and a perhaps a simple single rose or favorite flower set in front of each plate.  Here are two ideas to illuminate your sweet’s heart:

·  Select your love’s favorite scent in a candle and light it way before they step into the room. Place a card and a bottle of wine near it and spend precious time together talking over candlelight. Time together without any other distractions is priceless.

·  Set up an indoor picnic for the family and use flameless candle lights in the family room or living room floor with everyone’s favorite picnic foods. Then play games and a quick game of indoor flashlight tag to end off the evening.

5. Surprise them at work – Love does not need to be openly displayed in public to be deeply felt, but sometimes demonstrating your admiration and appreciation to your beloved in their everyday environment can show them how much they mean to you. Select a unique bouquet whether brightly colored Valentine tulips, a variety of airy colorful blossoms, or classic fragrant roses to have sent to your sweetheart’s work. You can always add on delicious chocolates, an adorable plush animal or another favorite small gift they can enjoy long after the beautiful floral arrangement. Here are two other office surprises:

·  Place a coffee mug filled with chocolates, some for them and perhaps a few to share and pair it with tall long stemmed colorful roses. An arrangement that takes up less desk space but can be seen over books and paperwork.

·  Select a romantic bouquet that is different than more common arrangements. Old English hydrangeas, stargazer lilies and purple larkspurs or a lush bouquet of pinks and purples rather than the traditional reds will says how special they are and that you wanted to express how unique they are to you!

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a last minute event. But in order to not be left with disappointment, remember to order and plan at least 5 days ahead so you can be sure to surprise your loved ones! In the end Valentine’s Day is not really a silly commercial holiday but a nice little reminder that our love is wonderful and should be expressed often with the same fervent passion as we do on that day. So whether big or small, just plan on something a bit special and surprise your Valentine. They will be sure to remember it always.

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