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The Northern Lights, Seeing is Believing

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One of the most magical astronomical phenomena you can experience is a total solar eclipse.

London (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2012

One of the most magical astronomical phenomena you can experience is a total solar eclipse.  You may have seen footage of them on television, but there is a world of difference between seeing images on a screen and actually being out of doors, watching as one is happening.  The atmosphere surrounding a total eclipse cannot be adequately conveyed through description either; it is simply one of those events you have to experience for yourself to understand why people will travel perhaps thousands of miles for the chance to see something that lasts just a few fleeting minutes.  It is also a great joy to share the experience alongside other people, which is why dedicated eclipse holidays are well worth considering when investing in a trip to see them.

Our next solar eclipse tour is to Svalbard in March 2015 when there could be the chance to see Northern Lights as well as a total solar eclipse from the high Arctic.

The same can be said of travelling to see the Northern Lights.  You may well have seen footage on the television of the aurora, but the fact is that when you are standing outside on a crisp, cold night in Iceland with the shifting pearly light silently moving in huge curtains in the sky above you, you realise that images you have seen of the Northern Lights, however beautiful, cannot begin to capture the sheer size and grandeur of the spectacle as it is seen for real.  Furthermore, I would say that to experience the true beauty of the Northern Lights, Iceland is a truly beautiful country in which to do so.

But don’t just take my word for it, why not see for yourself.

In winter 2012/13 you could join our experts in Alaska, Iceland or Sweden following itineraries from five to eleven nights.

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