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Times have changed since the last time we pulled out of a recession, so it’s worth asking what that means for management skills in the 21st century.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) March 3rd, 2014

So the economy’s starting to move, interest rate rises are round the corner, we’re entering a period of opportunity and thank heavens for that.  What we now need is a knowledgeable, intelligent, creative workforce that are motivated to work hard and will stay with the company as it grows and prospers.  But times have changed since the last time we pulled out of a recession, so it’s worth asking what that new workplace would look like and what that means for management skills in the 21st century.

One thing looks clear – the companies that develop rapidly and sustainably after the recession will be those that have stopped buying carrots and have put away the sticks.  Most of us are firmly in a knowledge economy now, and our employees’ primary assets are their intelligence and social abilities, not the number of operations they can perform in an hour. This means putting away 20th-century ‘scientific’ management skills and thinking a little harder about the potential that lies inside the human being.

Everyone says ‘our people are our greatest asset’ – now it’s time to understand what they actually needto be great. You may well have read Daniel Pink’s Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us, and maybe you’ve seen the animation that makes the central point of the book so forcibly.  The question is, though, how to take that vital insight and turn it into a new way of motivating your employees as part of your 21st century management skills toolkit.

Well, we can help. Performance Review Pro makes it straightforward and easy for managers to hold the right conversations that improve productivity and wellbeing at work.  It hasn’t been easy to build the system that makes this possible, in fact it has taken several years’ development.  But we’ve done it, and serious companies look at the results and ask how a computer could possibly know what is happening in their building.  Performance Review Pro asks the questions that uncover what’s going on in team members’ working lives – usually unnoticed but still causing upset and reducing intelligence, creativity and collaboration. Then it prioritises the results and gives you the reports and action points you need to sort out the problems.

If you like that idea and you want to get started, please accept these ebooks with our compliments.  The Missing Manual for the Human Being is about what lies under the hood in your people – this is the key to motivation. Its companion, Working with Humans, the Manager’s Toolkit, contains seven practical tools – new management skills – that you can use to transform the way you interact with staff. In between the two sits Performance Review Pro, quietly monitoring the situation and providing the knowledge you need to guide those management conversations.

Quick summary: we need to change the way we approach motivation because ‘scientific’ 20th-century approaches don’t work.  Understanding motivation one of the core management skills, probably thecore skill. Performance Review Pro shows you what you need to do to unlock innate motivation, and we give you the practical frameworks to make it happen.

Pink says that “Bringing our understanding of motivation into the 21st century is more than an essential move for business, it’s an affirmation of our humanity”, and we couldn’t agree more.  Even if you only want to improve productivity, it’s still the right thing to do.

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