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The Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers Announces New PTSD and Substance Abuse Outreach Programs

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The Mental Health Parity Act's Recent Approval now Makes it Possible for Las Vegas Individuals with PTSD or Other Mental Disorder Get Help For Their Addiction.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) June 24th, 2014

Prior to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act‘s inception alcoholism and drug addiction were not given equal parity in treatment coverage by either Medicaid or insurance providers.  If you had an addiction, mental health disorder, or other issues of substance abuse in the past it was very difficult to get treatment due to the limited funds most insurance providers allocated for mental health.  The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act  “…requires insurance groups which offer coverage for mental health and substance use disorders to provide the same level of benefits that they do for general medical treatment.”  This is good news for those with debilitating mental conditions such as bipolar disorder and PTSD.  Treatment for dual diagnosis at an inpatient residential facility is now treated the same way by insurance providers with mental health coverage as they would a hospital stay for a heart attack or stroke, with equal parity.  Thanks to this and the Medicaid expansion’s inclusion of mental health benefits, those with comorbid afflictions now have a real opportunity to relieve their symptoms and get their lives back on track!

With the Addiction Equity Act’s rollout in 2014 the Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers have begun their Dual Diagnosis Awareness campaign to inform individuals and their families about options and alcohol treatment programs available in their area for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorder.  Part of this campaign is to inform the public on not only those treatment options for  addiction, drug dependency,  or dual diagnosis disorders, but how to fund treatment for these chronic mental health conditions so that they are one day able to live a healthy and sober life free of drugs and/or alcohol.

Those in the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area who are living with a dual diagnosis of addiction and comorbidity of PTSD or other mental conditions are encouraged to visit or call and find out more about the possibilities for treatment and long lasting addiction recovery.

“People who have a mental disorder PTSD or a even a dual diagnosis of PTSD and drug addiction have had an extremely hard time in the past receiving any kind of treatment for it outside of a VA hospital,” Las Vegas drug treatment center clinic operations manager Kim Fields tells us, “and even then the treatment wasn’t comprehensive enough to really provide the type of relief that lets individuals get back on their feet and living their lives again.  The Equity Act kind of forces that change in thinking and will be the impetus to really helping people in the United States overcome both their mental health issues and the stigma associated with them.”

Having a dual diagnosis, especially one with life-threatening potential like PTSD and drug addiction, is a weight around the neck of the person suffering from it.  The Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers‘ community awareness and outreach programs are intended for advocacy in areas of mental health and addiction treatment with the goal of reaching those individuals who want to get help but don’t know how or where to go for it.  One of the main focus points of the campaign is to provide information on how the Act impacts treatment financing through the ACA and Medicaid’s expansion.  Being able to afford treatment has always been the key for many people in the choice of whether to choose life or choose existing.

The Las Vegas drug treatment centers want to encourage individuals and their families who have lost hope to reach out for help.

Mental health treatment in the area of dual diagnosis have relied on those advances both  neurobiology and evidence-based medicine.  Today the recidivism rates for drug addiction and alcoholism have plummeted and more people than ever before live lives of sober recovery.

For those in the metro area of Las Vegas Nevada a diagnosis of depression or  PTSD alongside addiction is no longer a losing battle for the addict.  New treatments have made it easier than ever before to enter long term recovery.  If you are living with addiction or a drug dependency there are options out there for you.   The Las Vegas drug treatment centers are available to answer any and all questions about either treatment options or financing.

The Las Vegas Drug Treatment Center  can be contacted at 1350 E Flamingo Rd, #682, Las Vegas, NV 89119. For additional information about PTSD, drug addiction or alcoholism visit our website at  Las or call (702) 944-8762 to speak to someone about issues that you or someone close to you may have with drugs or alcohol.

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