The Human Repair Kit™ Does Exist!

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StemGenex™ launches a campaign to shed light on the various medical benefits associated with stem cell treatment.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) July 6th, 2011

StemGenex™ is announcing a media and medical campaign to help individuals understand the various benefits associated with stem cell treatment. Coined as The Human Repair Kit™, StemGenex™ is edifying the public on the difference between fetal and embryonic stem cells vs. adult stem cells. Adult stem cells, which propose no ethical or moral impasses, are used by StemGenex™ for patients with various disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and COPD.

StemGenex™ is a pillar within its industry and about to pioneer the way for popular cosmetic procedures that are in demand by today’s hottest celebrities. However, it is the company’s progressive work with serious medical disorders that is at the forefront of its operation. Through intense, continued research, the company has facilitated the concept of using stored fat cells, which are an abundant supply of dormant adult stem cells, for new techniques when treating a range of medical ailments. The stem cell treatments employed by StemGenex™ are safe, natural and are administered on an out-patient basis and requires no dangerous anesthesia.

“Stem cells have an intelligence about them.” said Rita Alexender of StemGenex™. “As an example, a diabetic patient may come in for treatment and not tell us about the chronic back pain they are also experiencing. The marvel of using stem cells is that these cells will resolve other issues patients fail to report to us- like chronic back pain. Our patients can see their stem cells moving on a high powered microscope. It’s amazing to be part of company that helps people realize they’re each equipped with their very own human repair kit.”

StemGenex™ is perceived as not just a staple of its industry, but also as an innovative brand. Curious physicians and prepared investors are querying the company through a variety of different partner, research and clinical proposals. As StemGenex™ becomes known for its work within the medical industry, through a developing group of supporters who have received effective treatment for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis Muscular Dystrophy, it is also branching into cosmetic repair services that will include all-natural facelifts and anti-aging treatments.

StemGenex™ is a division of the International Stem Cell Institute (ISCI). Together, StemGenex™ and ISCI are working on developing tactical connections with researchers and leaders in the stem cell industry. Through both divisions working towards a unified goal to continue their persistent research with this field, StemGenex™ and ISCI are also considering working with a variety of prestigious universities and medical groups to accelerate further exploration on the many benefits associated with adult and adipose stem cells.

Further information on The Natural Stem Cell Facelift, Stem Cell Hand Rejuvenation, Adipose Anti-Aging Management, Degenerative Disease Correlation and/or StemGenex™ and ISCI is available to the media and medical community upon qualified request. A full EPK, company representative interview, and tear sheet with clinical locations for both StemGenex™ and ISCI can be provided for all story requests.


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