The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People, Debut YA Fantasy Novel by Father & Son Writing Team

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The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People is a debut YA fantasy comedy novel written by a father and son writing duo for an intelligent general audience.

United States (PRUnderground) December 12th, 2015

“The world around Tommy Dana seemed deadened to all but a fixation on screens. He could never understand the allure of the new-fangled technological wonders that pervaded and dominated the fascinations of contemporaries. He was always feeling numb when he explored the technology of modernity; so much to see but so little to create with his own imagination.”

Ebook - JPG format--1.jpgBut when young Tommy Dana is abducted into a fantastical realm called Lethia, the social- media averse thirteen-year old must plunge through a multi-varied, meta-fictional adventure in order to save his, and the entire human world’s, imagination from falling into the thieving clutches of the witty supernatural villain, Facinorous.

The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People (Amazon Digital Services, Kindle, $4.99) is a debut YA fantasy comedy novel written by a father-and-son writing duo Leif and Jason Grundstrom-Whitney for an intelligent general audience. It is the first book in an upcoming tetralogy. It is a darkly humorous, fast-paced, action-packed celebratory unification of the world’s rich cultural lore through the lens of an inventive fantasy concept that stands both as an occasionally subversive satire that satirizes the YA genre and an anachronistic experiment on a fusion of storyline narratives (differing stylistically and compositionally).

Readers familiar with works like Gulliver’s TravelAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass will relish this wild and adventurous tale. A perfect gift for the holidays, The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People will make readers eagerly await its sequel.

About Leif and Jason Grundstrom-Whitney

Leif Grundstrom-Whitney is the proud co-author of the epical satire The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People; the wicked and witty character known as Facinorous contained therein is a product of his multifarious mind. He has been published in poetry journals such as the University of Maine Peace Studies Newsletter, World Community for Christian Meditation-USA Newsletter, and Expressions II, and League of American Poets. To say that he is an voracious reader would be an understatement worthy of Hemingway. If he had a spirit animal, it would probably be a raven who knows how to play a Hammond B-3 organ.

Jason Grundstrom-Whitney has been a Social Worker and Substance Abuse Counselor in the State of Maine for many years. In this time, he has introduced meditation (tai-chi, qigong, yoga, and meditation) groups to teens when told he would fail. This was one of the most successful and long-lasting groups. He developed a Civil Rights/Peer Helper course that won state and national awards (for high school) and has worked as a civil rights activist. He has also worked as a long-term care social worker and now works as a Hospice Medical Social Worker. Jason is a poet, writer, and musician playing bass, harmonica and various wind instruments. Lover of all styles of music he has played classical, jazz, rock, funk, country, blues, and rap. He is very excited to play bass with his brother’s band and his son’s. He is very proud to have co-authored The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People with his son Leif.

The Hidden Chalice of the Cloud People
Publication Date: January 2nd 2016
Amazon Digital Services
866 pages

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