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The Dojo of Karate Implements New Fitness Program

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The Dojo of Karate has introduced a new fitness program called FitRanX, a revolutionary fitness ranking system that will keep you motivated, and help you reach your goals

Westminster, CO (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2014

In 2008, The Dojo of Karate was opened by young entrepreneur, Javier Lozano Jr — a University of Colorado at Boulder graduate with a degree in Business.  Since the young age of 14 years old, Javier has always dreamed about starting a martial arts studio, and when he was 27 years old he took the plunge.

Fast-forward to 2014, and The Dojo of Karate has been operating a successful Family Martial Arts school in Westminster, CO.  With well over 130 karate students actively training, Sensei Lozano has helped create a community at The Dojo of Karate by teaching a high standard of ethics and morals to his students.

However, in 2008, when Javier opened his doors as a karate school, he realized that there needed to be a way to continue to grow his business by casting a wider net.  Simply focusing on kids karate lessons was hindering his ability to reach a larger clientele base.

Therefore, he began to implement fitness kickboxing classes at The Dojo of Karate.  It first started with 2 evening sessions during the week, and a Saturday morning session.  And, as his business continued to evolve and grow, so did the fitness program.  

Slowly, Javier began to delve more into the fitness industry by becoming a certified fitness boot camp instructor with the Fighting Fit Boot Camp program — based out of Austin, Texas and headed by Coach Mike Massie.  He later got certified as a personal trainer, to continue to expand his knowledge.

From there, The Dojo of Karate’s Fitness Bootcamps began to gain a reputation as one of the best fitness programs serving residents in Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton Colorado.  Clients were getting amazing results, people were looking into their fitness program as a major alternative to the normal big-box-gym, mainly because of the variety of fitness training offered at The Dojo of Karate.

But, there was something that Javier noticed.  Many prospects interested in the fitness bootcamp programs had a misunderstanding about what the program entailed.  Mainly because The Dojo of Karate has made a name for themselves as a Family Karate School in Westminster, CO.

So, in 2012, Javier started a second business called Summit Fit Dojo and focused on handling Small Group Personal Training sessions, as opposed to the large fitness bootcamp classes many clients had experienced with other businesses.  This was a way to set themselves apart from the competition.

The program didn’t necessarily change, rather, the approach of the fitness program was different.  Coach Javier wanted to focus on keeping the Small Group Personal Training sessions exactly that… small.  He began to cap the session to about 15 clients, allowing his clients to get personal training for less than half the price.

And, even with all of these changes and implementations into Summit Fit Dojo’s fitness program, Coach Javier was still looking for a way to continue to set his fitness program apart from big-box-gyms and Crossfit boxes that seem to pop up everywhere.  That’s when FitRanX was introduced to him.

In January 2013, Javier got word about a new fitness ranking program that took the concepts of the martial arts or military by creating a ranking system, based on fitness.  This was always something that Coach Javier was trying to create, but really couldn’t wrap his head around it.

When Sgt. Nick Rians introduced FitRanX to the fitness world, Coach Javier jumped on immediately.  He loved the idea of having a fitness program that helped his clients achieve their fitness goals, but also motivated them by setting up short term goals while still looking at the big picture.

What FitRanX has down for Summit Fit Dojo and The Dojo of Karate is find a way to separate both businesses from each other, yet, have a common ground — a ranking system.

If you’re not too sure how or what FitRanX is, basically the program has 8 fitness levels, with white being the first level, and black being the 8th level.  Each fitness level has a certain type of strength and conditioning exercises that need to be performed in order to pass and be eligible for the next fitness level.  These exercises consist of using a variety of fitness equipment and exercises.  Each fitness level will take you through a series of exercise that will not only teach you new fitness skill sets, but really workout and train a variety of muscle groups, as well as test your physical conditioning.

When a fitness coach at Summit Fit Dojo see’s how well you’ve been training in the Small Group Personal Training sessions, then the client will get an invitation letter letting them know they are invited to take the next FitRanX Level Test.  All level tests are conducted at the end of the month, and friends and family members are encouraged to come along for support.

To learn more about The Dojo of Karate’s new fitness program called FitRanX, contact Coach Javier as he would be extremely excited to explain the program with you in detail.  And, ask about their latest fitness specials.

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The Dojo of Karate is the leading martial arts and fitness school, dedicated to helping kids, teens, and adults achieve focus, self-confidence, respect, and self-defense skills, through their amazing Karate program to residents residing in Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton and other surrounding areas in Colorado.

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