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The Cedar Scraper an All-Natural BBQ Scraper Offers a Simple Solution to a Serious Health Risk!

Industry: Eco-friendly Alternatives

New eco-friendly BBQ tool reinvents how you clean up your grill

Montreal, CANADA (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2015

The Cedar Scraper was recently launched on Kickstarter. It’s an all-natural cedar wood BBQ scraper poised to replace the traditional wire bristle brushes currently available on the market, which are known to pose important health risks.

Several reports and comments from health professionals show that an alarming number of people are suffering injuries and health problems directly related to using wire bristle brushes to clean their grill. Bristles can detach, stick to food and get lodged along the digestive track, causing pain, discomfort and digestive problems, in most cases requiring medical attention.

In a study conducted by the Rhode Island hospital lead by David Grand M.D., Grand says, “…it is striking that in only 18 months we identified six separate episodes of wire bristle ingestion after eating grilled meat. The public should be aware of this potential danger”.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Canadian government have also issued warnings.

thecedarscraper6small.jpgTwo Montreal entrepreneurs, Eric Paquette and Richard Hayes have come up with a simple yet elegant solution. The Cedar Scraper, which was recently launched on Kickstarter, promises to eliminate this serious health risk. Made entirely of western red cedar, it’s safe, environmental, renewable and non-toxic. As part of their funding strategy on Kickstarter, they have set a 1500$ CAD funding goal, this seems low, their philosophy behind it? They feel that with this amount they can get started and fulfill all orders to those that want a Cedar Scraper. Their ultimate goal of up to 500,000$ CAD will allow them to market The Cedar Scraper with much greater reach and create several quality jobs in the process.

Link to their Kickstarter campaign:


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About The Cedar Scraper Inc.

The Cedar Scraper Inc. is a Canadian startup, based in Montreal, Quebec. Specializing in cedar wood products. They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote their first commercial product, The Cedar Scraper.

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