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The 5 Best Ways to Manage Builders’ Paperwork

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YourTradeBase have used their knowledge and knowhow to create a top 5 tips for tradesmen to manage their builders paperwork.

UK (PRUnderground) June 12th, 2013

Paperwork has long been the bane of many builders’ lives; taking up time, and using skills that many builders don’t have or want to possess. There is also a distinct lack of builders’ software on the market to help tradesmen deal with this problem.

This is where YourTradeBase has come in to help tradesmen manage their builders’ paperwork quickly and efficiently. Running a successful building firm is often more about organisation than skill – good quality workmanship means nothing if quotes aren’t followed up or payments chased. This is why over £2m worth of invoices have already been processed by builders using YourTradeBase, which is saving time and helping builders to win more work.

YourTradeBase was co-founded in 2009 by a tradesman who was finding it difficult to deal with paperwork, as an online tool to help tradesmen to manage their builders’ paperwork and jobs..

Not only does this tool allow builders to access and manage their paperwork from any computer, tablet or smartphone, it even reminds users to chase up quotes they sent out a week ago, highlight what builders paperwork need their attention, and allows them to safely store all their contacts in one place.

YourTradeBase have used their knowledge and knowhow to create a series of helpful guides and tips to help builders manage their paperwork easily and efficiently; whether or not they use YourTradeBase.

Here, they have put together the 5 best ways for tradesmen to stay on top on their builders paperwork:

  • Plastic sleeves
    These are perfect for keeping at the front of the van for any pieces of paper tradesmen get handed throughout the day. It doesn’t take up any room, and this way everything is all in one place instead of in the van door or in the depths of pockets.
  • A stapler is a best friend
    Even if the documents don’t necessarily have to be together, over the course of a busy day everything can just be stapled together, making it much less likely any sheets of paper get lost. Chucking a stapler in the front of the van takes up no room, and it only takes a minute.
  • Make a template
    Quotes, invoices and estimates templates can easily be made in Word or Excel. This way the information can just be dropped in easily and quickly, without having to create the basic design again.
  • Technology can be useful
    Most phones have a decent camera on them these days. Taking a picture of any and all bits of paper makes for a simple and easy way to ensure there are two copies. So if those notes for a quote, or the receipt for the builders yard do go walkabouts, there is always a second copy.
  • Make time
    Unfortunately, time is what a lot of builders paperwork hassle ties down to: Set aside that 10 minutes a day to sort through anything that’s important. Have the folder in a place where it’s guaranteed to be walked past everyday, so that it’s easy to put any loose papers straight into it. By being that bit more organised, you can almost halve the time it takes.


You can read YourTradeBase’s other guides such as: Write a Winning Quote and What to Include on Your Tradesmen Invoices on their website for free and get tips on how to make paperwork less of a headache! They are creating regular content that’s useful for builders, so keep checking back or sign up to their Twitter feed for regular updates.

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YourTradeBase is a professional paperwork and job management tool created by tradesmen for tradesmen. It’s completely online with nothing to download, and users can access their paperwork and job anytime, anywhere from their computers, tablets or smartphones.

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