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Thanksgiving and Holiday Driving Tips To Avoid Truck Accidents, from The Ashley Law Firm

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With Thanksgiving and the holidays approaching, congested roads can cause NY truck collisions. Here are steps you can take to avoid NY truck accidents and stay safe.

New York (PRUnderground) November 22nd, 2013

With the holiday season approaching and Thanksgiving only weeks away, drivers are gearing up for the inevitable pains of holiday traffic. Although the AAA has not yet released its holiday travel projections for the 2013 to 2014 season, millions of travelers and their families are expected to be traveling by car to visit family and friends.

Commercial vehicles and trucks will also share the roads with holiday travelers during this festive season. Unfortunately, factors including weather conditions, brake malfunctions and negligent driving—when combined with heavier-than-usual traffic—can lead to devastating and sometimes fatal vehicle collisions.

Regardless of where you’re driving during the holiday season, passenger vehicle drivers can take various steps to ensure that they are driving safely and avoid the likelihood of collisions:

  • In the weeks before your trip, have a qualified mechanic inspect your car to confirm that it’s working properly. Be sure to have the mechanic also check your vehicle’s brakes, headlights and signal lights to ensure they’re functioning properly.
  • Before driving, buckle your seat belt and make sure that you are both well-rested and in a good mental state. Also check to make sure you have a full tank of gas before driving.  
  • When driving, never wait until the last minute to refuel. When your fuel gauge says your tank is one-quarter full, it’s time to fill up. 
  • Do not cut in front of a commercial truck, and be alert for truck driver turn signals. Because of their size and mass, commercial trucks take a longer time to stop and more room to turn than traditional passenger cars.
  • Focus on the road, be mindful of road conditions, obey speed limits and never drive aggressively.  Many accidents are caused by inadequate surveillance, external distractions, inattention, tailgating and internal distractions. To avoid aggressive driving, plan to leave early for your Thanksgiving or holiday destination so that you have enough time to travel there without running late.
  • Finally, report any negligent truck driving to the police. Although driving safely will greatly reduce your odds of getting into an accident, this is not enough to protect you from getting into collisions with other reckless or negligent truck drivers and motorists. If you notice someone driving at unreasonable speeds or in a negligent manner, record the drivers’ license plate numbers and call the local police to file complaints.

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